$10 Blackjack Tables On The Strip

Mar 14, 2019  Knowing which blackjack tables to avoid in Las Vegas is useful. My list of the worst Vegas blackjack games in 2019 will help you steer clear of the tables offering the least favorable rules and conditions. If you’re wondering where you SHOULD play, check out my list of the best blackjack games in Las Vegas this year. Riviera – This is one of the last places on the Strip offering single-deck Blackjack. Table stakes are $10$500, and rules include H17 with no DAS, RSA or surrender. Additionally, player may double down only on counts of 10 or 11. Other tables feature double-deck and six-deck games $5 and $25 minimums with caps of $2,000.

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Despite these restrictions, the Silverton’s $10 single deck table still offers the third-lowest house edge in Las Vegas at 0.30 percent. On the surface, the only thing separating the Silverton game from the El Cortez tables sandwiching it on this list is the price of play. Oct 27, 2017, 9:16 PM. Best rules for $10 blackjack on the Strip will be at TI. Cromwell deals a slightly inferior game (but still decent and still 3:2), but I don't know if you'll be able to find a $10 game at Cromwell on Saturday. There will be a few places with rip-off 6:5 games as well. Try to stay away from.

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The Central Las Vegas Strip stretches from Planet Hollywood and Cosmopolitan to the south up to Mirage and Harrah’s to the north. Some of the best and worst blackjack in Las Vegas may be found in this section of the Strip.

This portion of the Las Vegas Strip was once home to a casino that did not spread any 6-5 blackjack. That was Bellagio. Unfortunately, starting in July 2015, Bellagio decided to start short paying blackjack at its tables with minimum bets below $25. These are all dealt out of continuous shuffle machines. Bellagio players willing to bet $25 will get a 3-2 six-deck game that hits on soft 17 and allows double down on any two cards, surrender and re-split aces. For $50, players will get a game that stands on all 17’s with these same rules. For $100, there is a double deck game that stands on all 17’s and allows double down after splitting.

Mirage spreads terrible blackjack below $25. At $25 and above, the games and rules are identical to the higher limit games found at Bellagio.

You increased the amount of points it takes to play a game and by doing this it takes me several bonus spins to get enough points to play any game. You are actually discriminating against all players. You put us in a category of 1-2-3 and I don’t know how you determined what category each one of us should be in. Hit it rich casino slots app.

Bally’s has the best $25 blackjack game for this part of the Las Vegas Strip. There is a six-deck game where players can double down after splitting and surrender. The game stands on all 17’s. A $10 bet will get these same rules where the dealer hits soft 17. Otherwise, the party pit at Bally’s is full of 6-5 games.

Harrah’s, Flamingo, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood and Cromwell offer the same six-deck stand on 17 games that Bally’s does. The minimum at these casinos is $100. Each of these casinos also spreads $10-$15 minimum 3-2 games that hit soft 17 with the same rules among numerous 6-5 tables. Players will need to seek out the better tables at these Caesars Entertainment casinos.

Blackjack Table Tops

The Linq only spreads two 3-2 blackjack tables. The minimum for these tables is typically $25. The Linq hits soft 17 at all of its blackjack tables.

The worst game on the Las Vegas Strip is found at Caesars Palace. It is an eight-deck game that pays 6-5. It only allows players to double down on 10 and 11 and not after splitting. This game is not exclusive to just the party pit. These bad rules are also found in other parts of the casino. Players can find a decent $10 by going towards the back of the casino by the poker room. For $100, there are tables with six-deck stand on 17 shoes.

The blackjack games at Cosmopolitan are typically terrible. There are dozens of double deck 6-5 games. Players often must bet $50 or more to get 3-2 and $100 or more to get a stand on 17 game.

There are some video blackjack machines in the central part of the Las Vegas Strip. Most pay 6-5 on blackjack. The one at Mirage pays even money. The only 3-2 blackjack machine in these casinos is at Cosmopolitan. The minimum bet is $15 on it.

$10 Blackjack Tables On The Strip

Central Blackjack Survey

# of Decks
Min Bet
Max Bet
H/S 17
# of Tables
Party Pit
6/5 BJ
House Hold %
Bally's610500H----1NoNoNoNoDouble Attack BJ0.0062
Bellagio6102500H----2YesNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Caesars Palace610010000SYesYesYesNo7NoNoNoNoNo0.0035767
Caesars Palace1102000HNoNoNoNo15NoNoYesNoNo0.019746
Caesars Palace6252000HNoNoNoNo6NoYesYesNoNo0.0232433
Caesars Palace210010000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNoNoNo0.0045688
Caesars Palace61010000HYesYesNoYes29NoNoNoNoNo0.0055051
Caesars Palace65100HYesYesNoYes1-NoYesYesNo0.019102
Cosmopolitan6152000H----2NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Harrah's 610010000SYesYesNoYes2NoNoNoNoNo0.0035361
Harrah's 1102000HYesNoNoNo4NoNoYesNoNo0.0169824
Harrah's 2253000HYesNoNoNo2NoNoNoNoNo0.0060225
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Central Las Vegas Casinos Information


Bally’s offers many subpar blackjack games. Its shoe games are mostly eight decks. The double deck game does not allow double down after splitting and sports a $25 minimum bet. The party pit games have fallen victim to 6-5 payouts. There are some $5 minimum bet games that pay 3-2 on a blackjack. In addition to traditional blackjack games, Bally’s offers Double Attack Blackjack and Blackjack Switch.


Bellagio has gone to the dark side, with all of its tables with minimums less than $25 paying 6-5. The games are all dealt with continuous shuffling machines. The casino does have a $25 minimum table with a 3-2 payout where dealer hits on a soft 17 alongside doubling down on any two cards, surrender, and re-splitting of Aces. If you’re willing to play for $100 a hand, you can find a game where dealers stand on all 17’s and allow for doubling down after splits.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace suffers from a split personality. The blackjack pit by the craps tables offers a quality game. Other pits pay 6-5 on blackjack. This includes a video blackjack machine, which is the only one in Las Vegas that short pays on a natural. Its party pit boasts the worst game in our survey. Players may only double down on 10 and 11, may not double after splitting, while the dealer hits a soft 17. This game deals eight decks.


Cosmopolitan spreads the only 6-5 double deck game in our survey. Players looking for two-deck action that pays 3-2 will need to bet at least $50 and find the right table.


Flamingo blackjack players will need to be choosy about their tables. The number of 6-5 games there are plentiful. Even games in the rear of the property carry 6-5 payouts. Players hoping to find 3-2 games will need to wager at least $15 as the $10 games are generally 6-5 games. Double deck players will need to wager at least $25 and will not be allowed to double down after splitting.


Harrah’s is another property littered with 6-5 games. Players will still find 3-2 games, but will need to walk deep within the property to find them. The double deck game does not allow double down after splitting. Triple Attack Blackjack may be found with just a $5 minimum bet.


O’Sheas reopened on December 27, 2013, to much fanfare from Las Vegas partiers that missed Lucky and his beer pong tournaments. The blackjack is just as bad today as it was when the property closed in its original location in 2012. All six blackjack tables deal eight decks and pay 6-5 on blackjack. That gives it the honor of the worst casino for blackjack in Las Vegas.


Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville has two different blackjack games. One has a $10 minimum bet and pays 6-5 on blackjack. Players willing to pony up $15 will get a 3-2 game. We highly recommend joining the $15 minimum tables for maximum returns.


Mirage was one the biggest disappointments in our survey this year. Two entire blackjack pits were transformed into 6-5 games, including shoes. Players looking for a decent game will need to bet at least $25 per hand in the pits behind the casino cage. Players willing to wager at least $50 will find games that stand on all 17’s. A new video blackjack machine called Enchanted Blackjack is available with just a $5 minimum. This game awards one point on the MLife card for every $10 wagered. This is the best bet for low limit players.

$10 Blackjack Tables On The Stripes


Paris is one of the better Caesars Entertainment properties for blackjack. Outside of the standard Las Vegas Strip single deck 6-5 blackjack disaster, the other Paris games offer reasonable payouts. This includes the standard Caesars double deck with a $25 minimum bet where double down after splitting is not allowed. The eight deck game allows doubling after the split and surrender with a $10 minimum bet. Power Blackjack and Blackjack Switch are offered with a $10 minimum.

Planet Hollywood

Like Paris, Planet Hollywood offers decent blackjack games when one is willing to walk past the terrible single deck games. The minimum bet is usually $15 for the eight deck shoe games and $25 on the double deck.

$10 Blackjack Tables Vegas

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Staying mid-strip first week of May. Usually find some low bill tables before 10a.m. at Mirage, etc. but looking to play all day sessions this trip.
Will spend some time at the Tuscany, but would appreciate any info on Circus Circus, Riviera or Tropicana. Been about 8 months since I last hit the strip and navigated through the 6-5 tables to find a decent game.
Looking for $5 (no gimmick) 6 deck, 3-2, decent pen, surrender option, if tables are crowded, etc. According to W of Odds all the above should have five dollar tables with varying rules.
Will be hoofing it to work off my morning coffee and pastries but would hate to get to the casino to only find crappy, crowded tables.
Thank you in advance, MoN