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The World Poker Tour ends 2019 with a stacked final table! Watch GPI Player of the Year Alex Foxen take on WPT Champions Club members Seth Davies and Jonathan Jaffee at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic final table with $1.69 million is up top. Yanchek will take first place earning $40,282 and his second Foxwoods Poker trophy. Ruscov will earn $37,284 for his runner-up finish. Day two play began with 36 players and Yanchek was near the bottom of the chip counts starting in 34th chip position with just 55,000.

22 Feb

It’s a wonderful world out there on YouTube for poker fans right now, with so much golden content that you might never even get round to playing the damn game itself! However, since we ARE all poker players as well, let’s try to narrow down the best of the YouTube vloggers with regard to how much they can help our own game…

Daniel Negreanu

Improving our poker skills

Of course, improving our play is one of the main reasons we watch a lot of the guys on YouTube, and picking just one is a tough task, but it’s hard to see past the all-time leading money-winner Dnegs when it comes to hand reading, analysis and tournament tips.

A natural in front of the camera, Negreanu has decided to take on the new breed of vloggers with a resurrection of his own channel – and it contains some mightily impressive fare already.

As with many viewers, ‘incredible poker hand’ videos are fun (quads vs Royal Flush! Who hasn’t watched this?) but what we really need are some specific pointers on how to play better, so one of his vlogs from last week caught my eye – value bet or check-call – which is a perennial problem for myself and no doubt countless others…

Pre-flop thoughts, bet-sizing on the flop, stack sizes – Negreanu rattles quickly through the lot, so it pays to pause the video and think for yourself at times. And the nuggets of wisdom are always worth noting down!

“In tournament poker, when we’re out of position, our goal is to avoid as many bad spots as we can!” says Negreanu on the turn, and if we could write a list of ‘important thoughts’ for our play, Negreanu’s nuggets would fill a book!

I won’t spoil the video for you all, but I’ll leave you with another gem:

'When you’re value-betting the river, you want to make sure that you actually beat some hands, so there’s VALUE in the bet!”

Alec Torelli


Although Alec Torelli is also a high-class player with plenty of hand analysis on his YouTube channel, I tend to visit him for the non-playing aspects of poker – the lifestyle choices approach to the game which are almost as important as knowing heads-up theory or hand ranges!

His ‘Poker Life’ series sees the high-stakes expert answering viewers questions, and a couple of weeks ago he focused on the financial aspects of the game - how to avoid money-mistakes, how to build your bank balance, etc.

The ‘three things Torelli would tell his 18-year old self’ starting out in the game are invaluable - “spend less, save more, invest!” says Torelli – too simple, huh?

Well, everything is simple when an expert lays it out on the table for you, but that’s part of the reason why we’re watching these vlogs! We’re not really doing things right, and we want not only entertainment, but advice.

Toreli’s vlog is, like most of the best guys out there right now, well-produced and easy-to-watch. He’s a likeable and knowledgeable poker pro, and you can tell he believes what he’s saying and wants to help you too!

2 Plus 2 Poker Vlog

Truth be told, he could sometimes shorten his vlogs a little, but that’s a petty complaint as overall this guy is dynamite for getting you to think clearly about the wider approach to your poker life!

Andrew Neeme


It might just be me, but somehow it’s the droller vloggers are the ones who get me wanting to visit the casino and actually play poker!

Popular Restaurant Categories. Casino on tottenham court road.

Jeff Boski with his slow, southern drawl almost made the cut for this top 3, but I eventually plumped for Andrew Neeme as his own adventures mirror my own a bit more closely – and this is a good way to choose your vloggers, find someone you can copy and learn from at the same time.

So why does Neeme make me want to play poker? Well, he plays at stakes I understand – no $million pots for Neeme, he’s usually found at $5-10 No Limit cash games, grinding out a good living – a place many of us would like to be at and can achieve with hard work.

Anyway, one of his vlogs this week – Revenge Poker at Ocean’s Eleven Casino – sees our man a bit chipper than usual, although be warned – the first hand of the night he messes up in ‘editing’, so read the comments!

Again, it’s important that we can relate to certain players and their lives in order to fully appreciate what they are doing and how we can improve our own enjoyment and poker skills.

The three I’ve chosen are only a handful from among the dozens out there in YouTube poker-vlogger land, so feel free to pick your own!

2 Plus 2 Poker Vlogs

Two Plus Two Publishing
FounderMason Malmuth
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationLas Vegas, NV
Official websitehttps://www.twoplustwo.com/

Two Plus Two Publishing is a private company established and owned by statistician and poker player Mason Malmuth.[1] The company publishes books on poker and gambling written by professionals in the field such as David Sklansky, Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie, Collin Moshman, Ed Miller, Ray Zee, Sunny Mehta, Alan Schoonmaker, William Jockusch, and Malmuth himself.

Two Plus Two Publishing has sold over two million books and currently has more than 39 titles to its credit.[2] According to Malmuth, the name was adopted from the cover design of his book Gambling Theory and Other Topics where the equation 2+2=4 was illustrated with card pictures. In addition, many of its titles are now being translated into many non-English languages.

The Two Plus Two website operates a popular Internet forum for discussions on mostly poker and gambling-related topics, where it also publishes the Two Plus Two monthly electronic magazine (which includes gambling articles by Two Plus Two authors and others, such as Nick Christenson and King Yao) and the weekly Two Plus Two Pokercast. Posts on the forums helped uncover the Absolute Poker cheating scandal that was later featured on 60 Minutes in 2008.[3]

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    • 2.2Strategy segments

Books published by Two Plus Two[edit]

  • Sylvester Suzuki (1997). Poker Tournament Strategies. ISBN978-1-880685-19-8.
  • David Sklansky (1987). The Theory of Poker. ISBN1-880685-00-0.
  • Ray Zee (1992). High-Low-Split Poker, Seven-Card Stud and Omaha Eight-or-better for Advanced Players. ISBN978-1-880685-10-5.
  • Mason Malmuth (1993). Winning Concepts in Draw and Lowball. ISBN978-1-880685-07-5.
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  • David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth (1999). Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players; 21st Century Edition. ISBN1-880685-22-1.
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  • David Sklansky (1996). Poker, Gaming, & Life: Expanded Edition. ISBN978-1-880685-45-7.
  • Mason Malmuth (1996). Blackjack Essays. ISBN978-1-880685-05-1.
  • David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth (1997). Gambling For A Living : How To Make $100,000 A Year. ISBN978-1-880685-16-7.
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  • Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie (2006). Harrington on Hold'em: Expert Strategy For No-Limit Tournaments; Volume III: The Workbook. ISBN1-880685-36-1.
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  • Thomas Bakker (2010). Analytical No-Limit Hold 'em. ISBN978-1-880685-50-1.
  • Philip Newall (2011). The Intelligent Poker Player. ISBN978-1-880685-51-8.
  • Matthew Janda (2013). Applications of No-Limit Hold 'em. ISBN978-1-880685-55-6.
  • Philip Newall (2013). Further Limit Hold 'em: Exploring the Model Poker Game. ISBN978-1-880685-53-2.
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  • Mason Malmuth (2015). Real Poker Psychology. ISBN978-1-880685-57-0.


The Two Plus Two Pokercast is a weekly podcast that reports on both live poker and online poker. The show is hosted by Mike Johnson and poker pro Adam Schwartz, with regular contributions from a number of other poker strategists and players. Typically recorded on Tuesday nights in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the show is released on Wednesday mornings via the iTunes Store and the Two Plus Two website. The show is sponsored by the Pokerstars VIP Club.

Prior to Two Plus Two[edit]

The hosts of the Two Plus Two Pokercast were the founders of “Rounders – The Poker Show” which launched in April 2005 on terrestrial radio station The Team 1040 (Vancouver) airing weekly on Sunday nights and archived on BigPoker.ca. Rounders ran for 134 episodes before Mike Johnson and Adam Schwartz co-created the Two Plus Two Pokercast in January 2008.[4]

Strategy segments[edit]

Interspersed between segments of the show and advertisements are short strategy segments from top poker pros. Originally, the presenters of these segments were Two Plus Two authors and posters, however as of January 2009 LeggoPoker.com became the official strategy sponsor of the show, and now provides weekly strategy segments by their stable of video producers.

Sklansky minutes[edit]

Aside from strategy segments are “Sklansky Minutes” recorded by Two Plus Two author David Sklansky. Subjects include poker and other games, general gambling theory and musings on life. A collection of similar musings and 'life strategy' was published in January 2010 under the title 'DUCY?' – Two Plus Two shorthand for 'Do You See Why?'.

Evidence in lawsuit[edit]

Shortly after winning the 2006 World Series of Poker main event, Jamie Gold appeared on Episode #65 of Rounders, during the interview Gold discussed his backing arrangement with Crispin Leyser. In the following months, during litigation between Leyser and Gold over Gold’s Prize, audio of Gold’s interview on “Rounders – The Poker Show” was admitted as evidence in the case[5][6]


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