3 Reasons Why Gambling Is Bad

Why Casinos and Lotteries are Bad Casinos and lotteries are almost exactly the same as drugs, because they have just as much, or an even more addicting effect on the people. The one difference is the drug addict takes drugs and is basically “gone” in a mental sense, but the gamblers and people who play the lottery still consciously know what they are doing. This state can worse, because gambling addicts are purposely hurting their loved ones, and damaging their future, without “escaping” from the world. Lotteries and casinos are both ways to take money from people by making them voluntarily spend their money. Because of the way casinos and lotteries are able to addict anyone they can lure in, they have a devastating influence on the people and the communities they are a part of. The people who frequent casinos the most are the ones who have been neglected some way in life. Most of the people who go to casinos go because they need the money. This means that the people who go the most and spend the most at casinos are the ones who can afford it the least, namely the poor. People who are in financial need think that gambling at a casino will make them rich, just because they have a chance to strike it rich in one lucky spin or card flip (Rosenfeld). One strategy that the casinos employ to keep people feeling like they will win in the near future is the “almost” idea. When a person plays a game like slots, or roulette, or any other game except card games, they can almost win,…

The slots machine, reasons why online gambling is bad often reasons why online gambling is bad known as the “one armed bandit”, became an icon of modern online gaming. At Slotomania, you can start playing your favorite slot games with crazy graphics, top of the line sound effects, and hundreds of variations to choose from. Gambling is a very bad habit and very hard to break this habit. You can find why gambling is a bad habit and how you try to loose this habit as fast as possible.

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Should Gambling Be Legalized?
Gambling is the risking of money or other possessions that’s mostly depends on chance and luck, even tough some forms of gambling may be influenced by skills. Some stereotypical forms of gambling are found in casinos they include: roulette, blackjack, craps, poker, slots and many others. Nevertheless, there are other forms of gambling that people would not even consider them so such as playing the lottery.
Gambling has been very popular since the beginning of time when people would use instruments of divination in order to try to predict the outcomes of important events such as wars. These devices were very similar to the ones we use for gambling today (Gambling). Gambling continues to be quite
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Why Is Gambling Good

However, gambling is not the evil monster that many believe it is. Gambling can be helpful to the economy in many ways. Building casinos helps to create more jobs. Casinos also serve as attractions to bring in tourists therefore increasing the wealth of the city. For example, has established a major industry in cities such as Las Vegas, which legalized gambling in 1931, and Atlantic City which legalized gambling in 1978; and some Native American reservations as well. Another popular form is the lottery that is used in numerous states in the US leaving gross revenue of over 20 billion dollars (Gambling). This can also be beneficiary because the money from the taxes goes to help the public. Many people do not want to legalize gambling because they think that it would bring in crime, but crime will be present in spite of whether gambling is legalized or not. Cities who have made gambling illegal have as much of a problem with crime as cities who have an economy that is based on gambling. Another assumption is that it will encourage people to become compulsive gamblers causing them to lead unhappy lives by wasting the little money that they have. However people will gamble if they really want to whether it is legal or not. People can easily place bets on sports games or card games; they do not necessarily have to go to a casino in order to gamble.
Legalizing gambling is thought to bring in many bad things along with it. People are