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This mod allows you to configure just about every facet of the base game'sslot machines, of the sort found in Sanctuary (and, I believe, on One-ArmedBandits). The default configuration leaves the slot machines exactly howthey are in the base game -- you must configure the options you want.

Keep in mind that whenever you change the frequency of one particular kind ofresult, that will also alter the probabilities of everything else. Choosingoptions in the 'quality' sections should keep the drop rates as they were.

Also note that if you're in developer mode in BLCMM v1.1.6, most of this modwill complain that things will be overwritten by the game -- that's actually anerror on BLCMM's part, and should hopefully be fixed by v1.1.7.

Slot machines borderlands 2 slot machine orange weapons glitch still work? Showing 1-15 of 16 comments. Jan 9, 2014 @ 12:49pm I don't think so. Jan 9, 2014 @ 1:59pm What is the glitch? I do know that a way exists that makes the machines always give out Orange loot, but I don't know if it was a bug, or if the host. For Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Slot machine prices'.

This mod must be imported into BLCMM, via File -> Import single mod.Choose the file BL2 Configurable Slot Machines.blcm and have at it!

Each of the categories defaults to the stock values, so by default thismod won't actually change anything. You'll have to choose what you wantto do.

  • Weapons

    • Weapon Quality - This determines how good the weapons are. Clickthrough to get the exact percentage breakdown.

    • Weapon Type Distribution - By default, Pistols are the most likelytype of weapon drop, and launchers are by far the least likely. Youcan choose 'Totally Even Distribution' to give an equal chance to spawnthe various weapon types.

  • Money

    • Money Quality - This determines the distribution of the 1x, 2x, or 3xbundles of money, when the game makes a 'money' roll. Click through to getthe exact percentage breakdown.

    • Money Frequency - This will allow you to halve, double, or turn offmoney results entirely.

  • Eridium Quality + Frequency - Unfortunately, we can't split this up likewe do with money or weapons. This section will let you choose how good theEridium drops are (4x, 8x, or 12x), along with the option to double the Eridiumfrequency in general.

  • Skin Frequency - This will allow you to halve, double, or turn off skinresults entirely.

  • Grenade Frequency1982 bally slot machine worth. - This will allow you to halve, double, or turn off grenaderesults entirely.

  • No Reward no deposit bonus codes may 2019. - This will allow you to halve, double, or turn off theno-reward result entirely.

My own 'BL2 Expanded Legendary Pools' mod can be configured to allow allpearls/seraphs/uniques/etc to be in the legendary pools, which might besomething you're interested in if you've bumped up gear quality in here.That mod is included in my own Better Loot and Cold Dead Hands mods, aswell.

(This section is only relevant for someone looking to edit the mod in thesame way I do, or just someone curious about my mod construction techniques.If you're just looking to run the mod, see the 'Usage' section above. Themod can, of course, be edited directly in FilterTool/BLCMM as well, once it'sbeen imported.)

This mod is generated using a Python script named Thescript makes use of from the parent directory. You'llneed to copy (or symlink, if you're on Mac or Linux) intothis directory in order to run the script.

The script itself is licensed under the3-clause BSD license.

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This mod itself is licensed underPublic Domain / CC0 1.0 Universal.

v1.0.0, August 3, 2018:

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