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The legality of buying a used slot machine in the United States varies from state to state. Many online merchants only allow the sale of antique slot machines—actual coin-operated slot machine games that aren’t antiques are generally unavailable for purchase. This is intended to curtail the potential for unlicensed casinos from popping up in various towns across the country.

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This page takes a look at the various options available in various states.

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Which States Make It Illegal to Own a Used Slot Machine?

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The following states have made it illegal to own slot machines privately. This includes any kind of slot machine game, including antiques:

The best advice we can offer to residents of those states is to not buy or try to own a slot machine. Dealers in used and antique slot machines won’t even ship to people living in these states.

  • Alabama
  • New Mexico
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

Which States Allow You To Own Antique Machines?

The following states allow ownership of antique slot machines only. Their definitions of “antique” vary. In most of these states, a game that’s 25 years old or older is an antique, but some of these states have stricter or looser guidelines. We’ve included notes after the states which have a different rule than the 25 years standard:

  • Colorado – Any machine before 1984
  • D.C – Any machine before 1952
  • Florida – Only requires 20 years+
  • Georgia – Any machine before 1950
  • Idaho – Any machine before 1950
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas – Any machine before 1950
  • Massachussets – Requires 30 years+
  • Michigan
  • Missouri – Requires 30 years+
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey – Any machine before 1941
  • New York – Requires 30 years+
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont – Any machine before 1954

Which States Don’t Have Any Restrictions?

The following states don’t have restrictions on the ownership of used slot machines:

Keep in mind that laws change all the time, so if you’re unsure about whether or not it’s legal to own a particular type of used or antique slot machine in your jurisdiction, get professional legal advice. We can’t be held responsible for out of date or inaccurate legal information—this site’s purpose is to provide information for educational and entertainment purposes, and it’s not intended to replace the advice of a legal professional.

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Utah

Buying a Used Slot Machine on eBay

Most people buying something used check eBay first. You should be aware that their site has specific guidelines regarding the sale of slot machines. For example, coin-operated machines that aren’t antiques aren’t allowed to be sold there. They also don’t allow the sale of machines which can be converted to accept coins. Replicas that work are NOT considered antiques.

Slot machines that don’t accept currency and don’t pay out money are allowed to be sold on eBay.

Other Dealers

Buy Old Casino Slot Machines

Antique slot machine dealers often have their own sites and even their own brick and mortar locations where you can do business. For the most part, they’ll follow similar to business practices as the eBay guidelines. In other words, if you live in a state where slot machine ownership is illegal, they probably won’t sell to you.

Prices for used slot machines vary widely based on condition and rarity. Slot Machines and Coin-Op Games: A Collector’s Guide to One-Armed Bandits and Amusement Machines was published in 1994, so much of the information contained within is out of date, but the information about condition and collecting in general is still useful. The book includes lots of photographs and information about other types of coin-operated games, too, including penny arcade games, pinballs, and other novelty games.


Classified Ads

One option for aspiring used slot machine collectors and buyers is to advertise in the classifieds section of the local newspaper. Posting a “want-to-buy” ad might result in finding private owners who are willing to sell used or antique slot machine games for considerably less than a professional dealer would. Don’t bother trying to use the free ads on Craigslist for this purpose though—they have a strict policy related to gambling items, and they don’t allow ads for the purpose of buying, selling, or trading slot machines of any kind.

How Much Does a Used Slot Machine Cost?

We’ve seen some antique slot machines for sale for as little as a $500, but most of them are at least $1000, and the really rare, high-quality slots sell for $3000 or more. Shipping costs are also expensive because of the size and weight of the machines. List of all possible poker hands. You can expect to pay at least $250 to ship any reasonable sized slot machine game.

777 casino slot machines are of great popularity these days. Such games include the symbols of seven as their regular icons, and if you are lucky enough to gain at slots, you’re going to win lots of free money upon playing. In general, fruit machines which are based on the 777 casino slots theme, used to be classic, one-bet line slots. The most famous ones are: Magic Cherry, Triple 7 Inferno, Fire Star, Scratch and Spin, Magnificent 777, Fire n’ Dice, and Lucky Darts. However, these days there appear more and more novel wheels of fortune of this theme. They include not only more reels and bet lines, but also some rather rewarding features, such as bonus rounds, multipliers, or free spins. To the novel category belong such games as Bonus Diamond, Starburst, New York, Ghoul’s Gold, Jackpot Jamba, Super Cubes, Spin of Fortune and other fresh 777 slot machine games that can be played online too.

In old vintage 777 slot machines you won’t find state-of-the-art graphics and sound effects like of today’s slot machines. They just work good, bring you money from time to time and remind you of the good old days when you all used to play casino games in land-based casinos. The second group consists of the modern slots that just have the classic game layout. It means you can play your favorite 3-reel 1-winning line slots with detailed 3D graphics, cool animations and unique sounds.

Regardless of what kind of classic slots you prefer to play, there is one thing that never changes — the 7 or the three lucky 7th. It is believed that the 7 is a lucky number that can bring you winnings and jackpots. 777 symbol was brought to the gambling industry in the very beginning and it’s still one of the most popular game symbols ever. You can find all kinds of 777-themed slot games starting from free penny slots with the smallest possible minimum bet and ending with very lucrative games that can bring you thousands of dollars if lucky seven permits.

There is definitely at least one 777 style slot machine game in any slot provider’s game list but actually, they all look more or less the same. Classic 777 slot has 4 reels and just one winning line. To get the win you need to collect three same symbols in a central line. Some of the games are a little bit more advanced but the basic picture looks somehow like this. Triple 7s slots are often combined with the second most popular slot symbol — fruits. Many fruit slots have 7s among the game symbols just like many 777-themed slots have fruits among their game symbols as well. As there are so many similar slots, you can choose the one you like. You can also enjoy 777 casino slot machine like the Double Diamond by IGT, the Spectacular by Microgaming, the Minted Sevens by Saucify or the Strike Gold by Rival.

How to play 777 casino video slots

Most of you are familiar with the classic Three Reel Slot Machine where to win you simply match 3 symbols on the middle row, but most Video Slots have five, and the chance of winning isn’t restricted to the middle row only. It can be on the top or bottom row, it can be diagonal, zigzag, or any’ style. Also the combinations to win change from one Video Slot game to another, keeping everything fresh and thrilling.

Video Slots may have anything from 1 – 25 paylines, and some even have up to 100. If the slot you choose has 25 paylines this means that every spin has 25 different ways or combinations in which to win. Before each spin you decide how many paylines you want to bet on; you can select any number from 1 to 25. You can’t choose the specific lines you want to bet on, just the number.

Each line you bet on requires an active bet, if you choose to play 1 line, you need to place 1 bet on every spin, play 10 lines and you bet 10 in every spin. The more paylines you bet on, the higher the bet amount you spend on every spin.

Each payline is a betting option, and you can choose how many you want to bet on and how much you want to bet per line. Paylines may pay out horizontal, vertical, diagonal style combinations, the more paylines you choose, the more opportunities you get to create winning lines. You can get more than one winning line per spin.

Wild Symbols

One of the most important symbols in the game is the Wild symbol. These are similar to the ‘Joker’ in card games and can pop up at any time. Wilds substitute for all symbols except Bonuses and Scatters and generate wins by completing winning line combinations. More than one Wild can appear, the more Wilds, the more the winning amount is multiplied.

Sticky and Expanding Wilds

Sticky Wilds add to a payline win and remain in place for as long as you have free spins. Expanding Wilds are really exciting and expand to cover the entire reel, replacing all the other symbols.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols, or ‘Scatters’, may trigger a Bonus Game, multiply the total bet, or activate Free Spin rounds giving you anything from 1-50 free spins. The number of Scatters needed to trigger a bonus or Free Spin round differs from slot to slot, check the payout table to see how many you need, and Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels, not just in a payline.


The payout table tells you what the usual payout for a winning combination is. Most Video Slot machines also have a symbol designated as a multiplier. If this symbol appears in a winning combination then the payout is multiplied by 3x or 4x or any other amount specified in the payout table.


Free Spins

In a Free Spins round you get to spin the reels without having to place an additional bet, and you collect any payouts won. The payouts may also be enhanced by a multiplier. The Free Spin round is usually triggered by a sequence of symbols, most commonly three or more scatter symbols appearing on the reels.

Bonus Games

Many video slots contain one or more interactive bonus games where you can win extra cash or Free Spins without placing additional bets. Bonus games may be triggered by scatter symbols, or another bonus symbol. The number of bonus symbols required differs from slot to slot. Sometimes it’s possible to win a progressive jackpot during a bonus game.

Slot Machine Casinos In California

Progressive Jackpots

Buy Old Casino Slot Machines For Sale

Many such slot games have a Progressive Jackpot which increases the more people play and with each wager. Progressive Jackpots may be random and hit with any spin, or require a set combination of symbols. Once the jackpot has been won, the jackpot amount will then be reset and keep rising until it is hit again.

If you are interested in buying some of the old and used 777 casino slot machines you can do so at online slot seller websites like realslotmachinesforsale or eBay or Amazon. All these online sites let you know the 777 casino slot machine description, cost as well as display the image of the machine for you to know and understand things better.