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Think batting in baseball is hard? Well check out what it’s like for a cricket batsman in Top Spinner Cricket, the challenging online sports game where you play the role of a cricket batsman who is under siege from a barrage of cricket balls that have to be smashed out of the ground! This isn’t just an average sports simulator, it employs the laws of physics and gravity as well. If you think you can just swing and hope for the best, you’ll be caught out very quickly!

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The aim of the game is simple – you control the batsman and it’s your job to try and score runs by hitting the balls into the scoring areas all around the game screen. Be careful, because if you hit the ball into the yellow and black zones – you’re out! You’re also out if you let a ball hit the stumps that are behind you. Score as many runs per ball as you can to improve your strike rate and rocket up that leaderboard! Let’s see what you’ve got what it takes to become a Batting Master!

How to Play: You control the batsman entirely using your computer mouse. The batsman will move his bat and body in conjunction with the mouse. To hit the balls coming toward you, move to mouse to bat them toward the scoring areas. Once you hit a ball, if it goes into one of the scoring areas you score the amount of runs indicated in that area. If you hit the ball into one of the yellow and black striped grids, you are out and have to begin again. You are also out if a ball hits the stumps behind you. When you are out, you’ll hear a scream of ‘Howzat!’ Keep whacking the balls as many times as you can to score runs and increase your strike rate.

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Tip: Hit one ball off the other to get double scores. The higher you hit the ball, the higher you score!

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