Fun Free Online Games To Play When Your Bored

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PC Games that you can play for 100s of hours and not get bored, off or online 55 results. If you have friends to play with, THEY ARE THE MOST FUN GAMES EVER. LoL is free so u can try that. 15 Best Games to Play When You're Bored. It'll let you sample the Superhot action for free. It's definitely a fun way to pass 15 minutes, if you have the time to spare (just don't move,. Fun Games to Play When Bored. Technology has been a boon to the bored! Now, you can play an assortment of games on the computer or on your personal gaming consoles. A lot of websites promote free.

Fun Free Online Games To Play When Your Bored Free

No doubt, that Computer Games are the best way to relax and kill time. But, sometimes playing games like PUBG and Fortnite can be stressful. And, you can’t deny that these games are time-consuming. If you do streaming then playing these type of Games for hours might be worthy for you. But, If you’re just a casual Gamer or looking for some games to play on your Work PC. Then, this article might be helpful for you. In this article, you will get to know about some Fun Browser Games.

Well, to play these browser Games you don’t need any special hardware. These Games are HTML5-based, so will work on Chrome Web Browser. But, there are some Games that require Flash. Oh, don’t worry, If you’re not good at multiplayer battle royal Games. These browser games (Bored-at-work Games) are designed to enjoy your free time. And, will satisfy your cravings of playing Console Games.


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  • 1 Best Fun Browser Games.

Best Fun Browser Games.

There are too many browser Games available to play Online. But, here I am listing some best browser games only.

8 Ball Pool.

This is one of the biggest and oldest browser multiplayer pool game, developed by Miniclip. In this Game, you can play free against other random Player. Or, can play against friends in 1-on-1 matches. Also, you can enter into tournaments but for that, you need to log in. Else you can play as a guest. This Game is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. But, here we are talking about browser Games. So, to play 8 ball pool in Chrome, you just need to allow Flash player permission.

Fun Free Online Games To Play When Your Bored

If you ever played pool in real life. Then, maybe you already know about the Game. Although, in Computer, you don’t need that real life Game skills. You just need to choose the right aim direction through the mouse. And, after that hold left click, and release to play the shot. That’s it. If you hit the ball into the right hole, then you will get another chance. And, to win the Game, you have to put 8 number ball into the hole.

If you’re too lazy to play a Game using keyboard and mouse click. Then, you might like this Fun Browser Games. This Game looks so simple with coloured balls and checker-line background. But, in reality, this Game is much challenging. Game start with the little circle of yours. And, when you eat all little circle around you, your circle will get bigger. Basically, all other little circles are other players. You have to save yourself from other big circles. Else, a bigger player will eat you.

The smaller player or you can say circle move faster. But, when you get big, you will move slower. You can also split your circle into two equal mass. When you will split out in two circles. The one circle will help to envelop the smaller player running away from you. In Game, you can play multiple modes. That include team Games. The best part is, to play the Game, you just need to move the mouse around.

Short Ride.

Although, this Game is a little bit brutal when you get died in Game. But still, you will love this Game. If you love to play adventure Games. Then, this Game is definitely for you. When you start the Game, you will get a bicycle. You need to press the space bar to ride the bicycle. After that, you need to cross multiple hurdles, without hurting yourself in Game.

Free Fun Games When Bored

If your bicycle gets touch with any obstacles, then your bicycle will get broke. The best thing is, you can play without your bicycle. But, there are a few obstacles that you can’t pass without a bicycle. So, you have to take care of your bicycle in Game. You can play the whole game with just five keyboard keys.


Backflipper is one of the best Fun Browser Games. But, you need to download it first within the browser. The size of the Game is just 26 MB. Don’t worry, Game will get started when downloads get complete. Doing BackFlip in real life is the toughest thing to perform. But playing this Game in the browser is really fun. You just need to click at the right time to do a backflip.

In this Game, you have to perform backflip from rooftop to rooftop. And, if you miss the target. Your head will get smack down on the rooftop. Overall, this is the best Fun browser games to pass time when you’re getting bored. And, you can also download this Game in your smartphone. Available for Android and iOS.


Well, This Game doesn’t need an introduction. The Game does allow the player to build different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world. In this Game, there are some other activities to do. Like exploration, resource gathering, combat and crafting. Well, the java addition of the Game allows the user to modify the Game. But, the browser version has its limitation.

You can play it in creative mode with unlimited resources. Or, you can play a survival mode. In which you can craft weapons and armour. And, can fight with dangerous mobs. Overall, if you’re looking something unique fun browser Games. Then, must try this Game.

Free Games When Your Bored

Do you love to Play First Person Shooting Game? Then, is the Game that you’re looking for. This Gams’s format is completely similar to CS: GO Deathmatch. You just need to kill the highest number of enemies to score on the top. Game is set up in a pixel universe. In Game, you will get random weapons to shoot the enemy.

Well, once you die in the Game, you will not automatically get alive in the Game. You need to manually re-enter in the Game. You can play the Game with a keyboard and mouse. W, A, S, D keys to move around, and mouse to fire the gun.

Games To Play When Your Bored Online

Pirate Battle Royale

Do you love to play battle royale Game? But, don’t have time to download and play those longer games. Then, you can play Pirate battle royale. In this Game, you’re marooned on a tropical island with other pirates. And, you have to kill other pirates with the sword. You have to collect coins to get bigger. When you kill a pirate, you will get his loot.

Like every other battle royale game, the circle starts getting smaller. And, you have to stay inside it. Else, you will get died immediately. In Game, you get a limited amount of health. And, you have to save your health, because you can’t heal. You need to survive longer in Game, to level up. And, if you win, you can discover new islands. With your doubloons, you can buy new characters to become more powerful. Overall, it is the best fun browser game.

Note: List is not completed. Will Update Soon with more Games.