Fun Games To Play During Class High School Students Online

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  1. Fun Games To Play During Class High School Students Online Games
  2. Fun Games To Play During Class High School Students online, free

Science: High School Games

The following games were chosen for their educational and entertainment value to high school students studying various topics in the sciences. The games come from a wide range of reputable sources, most of which are listed on the American Library Association's 'Great Websites for Kids.' If you have similar games to share, add them in the 'comments' section on the bottom of this page.


The Bitesize Games website, run by BBC Learning, includes several games that challenge students' science learning through trivia questions. Topics include biology, chemistry, and physics.

Chemistry Games

This site, created by an 8th grade science teacher, has a game that is set up like the popular game show 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' but with chemistry-related questions. There are also chemistry matching games, hangman, pop-up games, and quizzes.


In this game, players will learn about three different ecosystems before designing an invasive species to wipe out rival species and see the repercussions on your ecosystem as a whole. The game was created by Filament Games, a game production company that produces exclusively learning games that combine best practices in commercial game development with key concepts from the learning sciences.

Power Up

Help save Planet Helios from being destroyed by fossil fuels in this riveting game that you can play either independently or with your friends. Power Up was developed by IBM in partnership with TryScience/New York Hall of Science

High School Science

This website, created by the Jefferson County School District in Dandridge, Tennessee, includes dozens of interactive animations, games, puzzles, and demonstrations on a myriad of science topics from constellations and the periodic table to the digestive system and electricity.


From the Nanoquest website: 'Was it an accident due to misplaced curiosity or a malicious deed by a desperate scientist? Either way an innocent young person has to fight for their life in world beyond imagination. It's a cold harsh world and they won't survive long. Can you get them out? Can you help Jack and Orla escape from the nanoworld? Discover that size really matters in NanoQuest, an epic 3D adventure through the tiny world of nanotechnology.' Nanoquest is run by Discover Science and Engineering.

Global Warming Interactive

Based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation, this multi-user game allows players to explore the impacts of global warming on the world, and learn about its relationship with economic, political, and science policy decisions


Created by the Federation of American Scientists, ImmuneAttack challenges players to navigate a nanobot through blood vessels and connective tissue in an attempt to save a dying patient by retraining her nonfunctional immune cells. Along the way players learn about the biological processes that detect and fight infections.


Citizen Science is an adventure game that teachers students about scientific literacy and limnology, or the study of inland waters. From the Citizen Science website: 'Funded by the National Science Foundation, the game is being developed in partnership with University of Wisconsin - Madison Assistant Professor Kurt Squire.'

You Make
Me Sick

Another game by the team at Filament, this game is being developed with special education expert Dr. Matthew Marino of Washington State University. In You Make Me Sick, players design a bacteria or virus and then attempt to get their target host sick.

Fun Games To Play During Class High School Students Online Games

Fun Games To Play During Class High School Students Online

Fun Games To Play During Class High School Students online, free

Games can be used as a ‘carrot’ with less motivated students. The promise of a game at the end of class may encourage them to complete less inspiring activities well. There’s a game there. Many activities can be made into games by making them competitive.