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The King of Bling is one of our fun, free slot games that everyone should try. A perfect gaming combo, this slot game is both intense and entertaining. Slots: King Bling's Casino, Seattle, Washington. 43,786 likes 1 talking about this. Fun and free online casino experience unlike anything you've played. King Bling's Slots Casino Hacking Android / Gameplay. Casino iOS Hacking. Win BIG on the most fun slot game around! King Bling's Slots Casino is a new kind of story-based FREE slots game like nothing you've ever experienced before. Can you outwit King B.

Many of the bold and colorful slots you’ll find on the casino floor are made by Incredible Technologies (ITS). Black ops 3 nomad rejack challenge. King of Bling is quite simply bolder, louder and more in your face than any other slot in their range. This has a dance soundtrack, silver and diamond symbols and a real upbeat feel. I am sure this will appeal to the younger generation, as well as regular players looking for something completely different in a slots theme.

There are random on-reel features and a DJ ‘scratching’ bonus game – as well as a ‘Spinsanity!’ free spins round which is introduced by a dog in a suit! If you think this slot sounds a little crazy, well, you’d be right – it is deliberately as over the top as possible – which makes it very entertaining to play.

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  • How to Win on King of Bling

    This slot has 40 win lines, and transparent reels over a city scape where the sparking silver symbols float. These include a very 1980’s looking mobile phone, a portable stereo, what could be a hummer jeep, a Rolex watch and dollar signs.

    The best paying symbols are the wilds (an explosion of gold with the word ‘wild’ in diamonds) and the golden sparkling dollar sign. Both of these will pay a generous 1000 coins if you get 5 on a win-line, with 100 for 4 and (for the dollar) 30 for 3. Three symbols share the next prize level. These are the SUV, the diamond teeth and the watch – each of these is worth 300 for the full set of 5. The boom box, rims, cup and phone make up the smaller wins. There are no playing card symbols on the reels of King of Bling.

    You will also find some bonus symbols appearing. These are yellow records, and will appear with the word ‘yeah yeah’ or ‘tip it’ spoken over the music. 3 of these trigger the scratching record second screen bonus game. First, there are a lot of random on-reel features to cover.

    On Reel Features in King of Bling

    As you play, different characters will appear over the reels. These look semi-gangster and semi musician types – all dressed in suits (including the dog). Known as ‘Shoutout’ random awards, each one brings something different to the game.

    Smooth Win Multipliers – a guy in a white hat appears before you spin, and awards a random multiplier to your wins for that spin of between 6x and 10x.

    Make it Rain Free Credits – a guy with an orange glow and a big pile of bright green dollars in his hand appears and awards you 200 free credits.

    Awwww Yeah!! – a seated guy with a chunky gold necklace appears and changes round the symbols after you spin to create more wins.

    Back ‘Dat Thang Up!!! – A woman this time, bending over, appears and triggers a respin by clearing all the symbols and replacing them with new ones.

    King of bling slot las vegas

    Let’s Get Wild!!! – a guy kicking out with bright yellow sneakers appears to randomly change symbols into wilds, again creating extra wins.

    3 of a kind poker lingo. For example, you have a pair of 10 ♦10♣ in your hand, which is matched with another 10 ♥ on the board. For example, there is a pair of 9 on board 9 ♥9 ♦6♠, and you hold another 9♣ in your hand. Set vs TripsWhat is the difference between the “set” and “trips”? A set is having a pocket pair and getting a third on the flop. Trips is having one card in your hand, such as a seven, and getting two more on the flop.

    Bout Time to Clean House! – a big bearded guy appears, again symbols are randomly changed into wilds.

    Spinsanity! – This is my favorite of the random features. A dog in a suit appears and awards you up to 12 free spins. The music goes up tempo, with the words ‘free spins’ (via a special effect) are woven into the music.

    King of Bling Second Screen Bonus Game

    Even with all the on-reel features ITS have included an entertaining second screen game. This is called the ‘Scratch Master DJ Bonus Game’ and is triggered by hitting 3 records anywhere on the reels.

    Your view changes to that of a turntable in a nightclub, with bright lights and the shadows of a dancing crowd behind. Your task is to scratch the yellow record in the middle of the screen by moving your hand over it. This triggers credits which move upwards to a total box at the top of the screen. As you scratch, characters will appear with encouraging captions.

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    Design and Setup of King of Bling

    Overall the combination of audio and visual production on this slot is excellent. The bling nature of the symbols works really well. Even on losing spins the ‘bounce’ of the symbols looks great, and when you win they will expand in turn to show you the winning combinations. If you hit a big win there is a fountain of dollar coins too.

    I love the old newspaper clipping feel of the characters coming in to award random bonuses. The music works well, with though may get a little repetitive if full-on dance style tunes are not your thing (you can adjust the volume either up or down).

    Under all the bling and crazy amount of features, you’ll find a 5 by 3 grid with 40 win lines. You can bet from 1c per line, or 40c per spin.

    Overall Experience

    I have seen many slots try and create a fresh new perspective, and King of Bling manages to nail it. The key for me is the slick and smooth production and really sharp bling graphics. Having plenty of random features will be enough to stop most players from getting bored, and the DJ game is certainly a unique bonus.

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    King Of Bling Slot Las Vegas

    Hip-hop and rap music was considered a cultural revolution during the 1980s, as it gave inner city youths and urban cultures a voice. There are many stories of success that have became acquainted with hip-hop and rap music over the years, including names such as 50 Cent, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Ice Cube, and a whole bunch more.

    When they become these huge superstars, that’s when all the bling came out and the flashy lifestyles begin to take hold. Taking inspiration from all of these superstars, Mr. Bling by Habanero has arrived on the scene.

    Pop on Your Shades

    Do you ever wonder why rappers, singers, and related artists tend to wear sunglasses? It’s not to be conspicuous, but to shield their eyes for all the bright and garish jewelry they tend to wear. This casino slot shares similar characteristics in many ways, as within it we are living the nightlife and there is bling everywhere.

    The title banner is diamond studded for starters, while the letter and number card symbols are made into a chain format, with each letter/symbol having their own gem-encrusted appearance.

    Cliniko King Of Bling Slot Machine

    We can see the platinum record that Mr. Bling produced and his hypeman that has seemingly had similar success also on the reels. Money brings brings flash cars and dancing girls, with Mr. Bling has that in droves. All in all, while very stereotypical, the game does look really cool and it would be remiss to say otherwise.

    So Fresh, so Clean

    Putting it simply, the user interface of Mr. Bling is really easy to use, as it attempts to put the player at ease from the outset. You can see the user interface on the bottom of the slot right, under the reels. Because of its clear positioning, control related confusion is minimised.

    You can see the following on the panel from left to right, info, auto play, max lines, max line bet, gamble, bet max, and spin. Above the info button is a coin display that you will use to adjust the bet. The bet display is a multiplier, which can lead to plenty of bling heading your way. It should also be noted that Mr. Bling features an autoplay function too.

    King Of Bling Slot Machine

    Dropping a Beat

    Mr. Bling is a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines, which means that on the surface it represents pretty standard Habanero fare. However, you will find many opportunities here to rise to the level of Mr. Bling, which works to separate it from other similar titles.

    The music that plays when you win is rewarding for starters, as you can hear hip-hop samples that will have you tapping your feet for sure. Some symbols even shine and sparkle when you secure a win, with the bling dollar sign being of particular note.

    Get Ready to Cruise

    Mr. Bling is one of the coolest cats around, as he is the wild symbol in this slot game. This symbol only appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. However, you will find that he comes in groups, so there is potential for the wild symbol to cover the entire reel. When Mr. Bling is involved in winning combinations, he will reward you with double the winnings, which certainly isn’t something to be sneezed at.

    King Of Bling Slots Free Play

    Seeing Dollar Signs

    The scatter symbol is the bling dollar sign that was mentioned earlier in this review. This dollar sign has the potential to give you an insane amount of winnings. How? Well, if you land three or more of them on the reels, you will be awarded with 12 free spins. What makes these 12 free spins unique is that for every spin that happens your multiplier will be increased by one. So as you play, your winnings will be multiplied by 1x, then 2x, then 3x and so on. Bonus wise there is now absolutely no doubt about it, as Mr. Bling really is the real deal.

    It’s Time to Meet Mr. Bling!

    If you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of a hip-hop superstar’s crew, Mr. Bling now gives you the chance. This slot offers so much profit potential that it is impossible to not recommend. Loaded with excitement and exhilaration, if you are on the hunt for a fresh feeling online slots release, make sure you keep Mr. Bling on your radar!

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