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Oct 14, 2013  The casino I just visited (for my first casino experience and a $1330 win overall in Blackjack ) Seemed to reshuffle after roughly 75% penetration into four decks. I didn't know what I was doing or have any real system, but I was keeping separate running counts for 5's, 6's, Aces, and Faces, which apparently is more difficult than and less edge.

Many people remember one-armed bandits standing in passages and small coffee shops, where you could toss a coin and try your luck. Since then, the algorithm of slot machines has changed significantly, which was caused by the transition to new technologies.

Despite the prosperity of land-based casinos, many players have flocked to the online space that offers a variety of slot machines from well-known gaming software developers. In this article, Slotegrator team invites the online casino operators to look into the working principles of online casino slot machines.

How Slot Machines Are Built?

The well-known one-armed bandits were based on electromechanical principle. Once the player pulled the lever, it made the reels spin and then stop on the symbols according to a certain algorithm. The sensors analyzed the combination of symbols and gave out winnings if the characters matched. Later, the electromechanical slots were replaced with electric ones. Their reels were driven by an electric motor; eventually, electronic gaming machines supplanted their predecessors.

Modern slot machines have electronic filling - a processor with a built-in random number generator (RNG). Thus, it becomes clear how a slot machine work — RNG generates random numbers that are impossible to predict.

Can we trust RNG?

The random number generator is encrypted by 128-bit MD5 algorithm. Particularly this algorithm developed by the professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is widely used in electronic security systems.

Although the code was invented a few decades ago, it is still a difficult task to hack it. Besides, the algorithm is being constantly improved: the newest add-ons are used to make it tamper-proof.

Game software developers exclude the possibility of reprogramming the chips at the time of their release. They say that despite the theoretical possibility of hacking, any practical facts have not been registered yet. Thus, thanks to the MD5 algorithm online casino cannot influence the game outcome, providing the randomness of the landing combinations. guarantees the players’ trust to the online gambling resource and protects the casino against unfair players.

Types Of Slot Machines

Modern industry produces a huge quantity of slot machines with different themes and bonus features.
Usually, manufacturers design slot machines with three or five reels. The game can feature 20-25 and more different symbols, the appearance of which depends on the theme of the slot.

Many developers introduce special symbols such as wild, scatter, bonus, joker, and others to increase popularity of the slot game among gamblers. Such symbols often bring large cash rewards and provide access to new bonus levels.

Thanks to the loyal bonus system, the online casino operator can easily engage people to its gambling site and thereby, win their trust.

Winning Lines and Payout Rates

The payout depends on the bet made and the combination of symbols landing on the reels. There are machines accepting small bets (sometimes less than $1) and providing frequent prizes available to a wide range of gamers; there are also expensive spins starting from $5 bet. As a rule, the latter ones are played by the high rollers (players who make exceptionally high bets).

Each machine has built-in winning combinations landing on fixed winning lines in random order. The number of winning lines can vary from 5 to several hundred. Winning combinations start from 2-3 similar characters that are landing on the active lines. In case of a win, the winning line is highlighted and grants the player bonuses or real money.

RTP (Return to Player) is the essential factor for gamblers. The legislation of many countries requires payout rate to be not less than 90%; therefore, the leading manufacturers of gaming software produce machines with 82-98% RTP. It is worth distinguishing among them such famous companies as Microgaming, Endorphina, Habanero, and others. By choosing online casino games from the best providers, you will ensure the success of your project and loyalty of players.

Online Blackjack Casino Algorithm

Slot Algorithm by Example of the Taboo Game from Endorphina

Let us review the basic aspects of a slot machine through the example of the game from the famous software provider Endorphina. The Taboo game has a high RTP of 96% and fully justifies its name.

From the first seconds, it plunges the players into the atmosphere of excitement thanks to the bright background picture of stiletto heels and leather lashes. The slot is a 5-reel, 3-row game with 25 winning lines.

Credit amount together with convenient menu containing game rules, payments, as well as sound, language and other settings are shown at the top of the screen.

At the bottom part, there is a control panel with the following buttons:

  • BET shows the size of the bet (from 1 to €250) and is regulated by mouse clicks.
  • LINES tells the number of winning lines to choose (from 1 to 25);
  • TOTAL BET sum decided by the number of active lines;
  • BONUS WIN is the sum of current win.

This control panel also features other elements:

Online Blackjack Casino Algorithms

TURBO activates accelerated game mode.
AUTO switches to automatic game, also can turn into Task Risk feature in case of winning combination. Auto mode is adjustable through the menu.
SPIN is a manual start/stop of the reels.

On the playing field, gamblers will find different images: leather lashes, handcuffs, shoes, gold letters on a black background, as well as bonus symbols such as Wild and Scatter.

Three Bonus symbols appearing on 3, 4 and 5 reels trigger special Triskele Wheel Game and open a new screen with different sectors. Each of them features multipliers of 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x and 25x. Players have the chance to take their winnings or use 3 attempts to increase the win.

If the gambler gets into the Bonus sector, this switches the game to Red Room Bonus mode. This is a special game with 5 levels where you have to choose 1 of the 5 items on the screen. During the bonus game, the user will get answers:

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Online Casino Blackjack Real Money

Yes – the player made the right choice;
No – the player receives no prize for the current level;
Stop – the bonus game is over.

Taboo slot game also provides a card gamble feature where you can double your winnings up to tenfold. Gamblers need to beat the dealer by randomly choosing one card from four. If the player and dealer drop is equal to the suit of the card, the game goes on. In order to give up Risk Game and take winnings, the gambler has to click Take Win.

Online Blackjack Casino Algorithm Game

To Sum Up

Through the example of Endorphina's slot, Taboo, we can see how interesting modern slot machines are. Although the algorithm of the slots is based on similar principles, they differ in theme, appealing story lines, and bonus features. Leading developers strive to create more games to keep the gamblers interested, that is why always impress them with new exciting products.
For your casino to always remain successful and popular, it is necessary to constantly update the gaming content and choose only the best, licensed products.
Our company offers games from the world's top providers to be integrated in just one session through APIgrator service. To find out the details of software integration and get the best offer, please contact the managers of Slotegrator.

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