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When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing that quite rivals that of the circus. From the animals to the daredevil performers, there is no denying that the circus has it all and then some. Speaking of the circus, that’s what proves to be the inspiration for Espresso, as they have created a horror twist on the circus in brand new game Pogo’s Circus.

Providing plenty of chills and thrills, Pogo’s Circus is a game that is certainly making plenty of noise on the world’s online casino portals. Hype, anticipation, and noise to one side, does Pogo’s Circus live up to the Espresso name? The following review tells all!

A Beautiful Nightmare

Pogo’s Circus looks like a nightmare; there is no doubt about that, as the game appears to be terrifically frightening. The circus tent is the background here, while you can see candy cane coloured pillars holding up the reels. Visually, Pogo’s Circus carries seriously dark overtones, something that is seldom used within the world of online slots.

Hideously Haunting

This title has some of the most haunting symbols you will ever see in a casino game. There are the obvious letter and number symbols, but with a twist, as they have the circus lettering applied to them, along with fire engulfing them from the bottom.

There are cannons that shoot out a mysterious man, an intimidating ringleader, a frightening puppet, a killer clown, and a contortionist, which make up the rest of the symbols within Pogo’s Circus. Potent and powerful, the dark symbols within Pogo’s Circus are likely to live long in the memory.

Spinning the Big Circus Ball

It won’t take much for you to figure out how to play Pogo’s Circus, as you can see the control panel at the bottom of the screen. From left to right, you can find total coins, step, total bet, and winnings displayed. You can adjust these displays with the buttons found below it, which are step, max, spin, and coin value.

The step is the bet level that you can adjust freely in order to find a wager level that you’re comfortable with. The spin button is a big circus ball, which follows the discolored theme of this particular title. Other than that, there isn’t much else to know when it comes to controlling Pogo’s Circus.

The Scariest of Sounds

Audio wise, the music used within Pogo’s Circus has a surprisingly cheery nature to it, with a piano that plays at random moments, which is followed up by a creepy child’s laugh. The symbols make use of some very creepy animations too, such as the contortionist whose eyes go white and the killer clown who reveals his sharp teeth.

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A Killer on the Loose

Speaking of the killer clown, he is the wild symbol in Pogo’s Circus. This wild symbol will substitute itself in order to complete any active pay lines you may have. It also multiplies payouts by 2x if it substitutes for the contortionist, the puppet, the cannon, or the ringleader.

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Open Up the Box

There are free spins that can be won while playing Pogo’s Circus too. If you land two free spins boxes anywhere on the reels, you will get two free spins. If you land three boxes, you will get five free spins, if you get four symbols, you will get twenty free spins, while if you get five symbols, you will get one hundred free spins.

Witness the Horror

Pogo’s Circus also features a bonus game, which is based entirely around circus “horrors”. You will get to throw knives and for every hit you land, you will earn a multiplier. It’s nothing more than a point and click game really, but its dingy graphical overlay means that it certainly adds something to the game experience.

Step Into the Realm of Pogo’s Circus!

This is one circus that you don’t want to miss out on, as Pogo’s Circus delivers a seriously scary show. Packed with frights and thrills, it’s safe to say that this is one online slots release that you won’t forget in a hurry.

If you are on the hunt for a horror filled slots experience, there is no denying that Pogo’s Circus fits the bill!

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Monopoly Slot Machine Review

If you visit any casino in Las Vegas, you are bound to come across quite a few Monopoly slot machine. These games have been around for over a decade now and there are more versions than you could think possible. It seems that the brand is so popular that each and every year they come up with one or two more Monopoly slot games.

If ever a brand captured the Las Vegas thrills and spills perfectly, it is without doubt, Monopoly. This is perhaps why the game has been present in Sin City for such a long time and continues to play a big role in all sorts of games, including slot machines.

Free Online Poker Slots Games

Whatever style of game you like to play, with regard to slots, Monopoly has the game for you. From classic 3 and 5 reel slots, Video slots, hige multi-player games and even Keno, you will find everything you could ask for based on the Monopoly legend in Vegas. And more!

Monopoly Slots Real Money

The best place to play real money versions of Monopoly slots is to visit a casino in the US, ideally in Las Vegas, because you will get a huge choice of games to enjoy.

The online version of Monopoly is only available to play for real money if you live in a country (or State) where online gaming is regulated by the Government. That means that players in countries like the UK, Ireland and Sweden get to play Monopoly slots for real money online, but players in countries like the US and Canada will have to wait for changes to their regulations.

Play Free Pogo Games Bingo

The good news is that you can play here for free and save yourself some money!

Where to Play in Vegas

If you are in Las Vegas, there is plenty of chance to play Monopoly in most casinos. For the older, classic versions, it is best to head to one of the off-strip casinos, or maybe one of the Downtown casinos.

If you are in vegas and want the latest versions, though, then you would do well to take a stroll around the more luxurious casinos, like the MGM, The Venetian and New York New York. These casinos tend to get the newest games first.

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Free Video Poker Slots Machine

Something that is very unusual about Monopoly, as a brand, for a slot machine is that it does not seem to always be tied to one particular company. The game has been seen in both IGT and WMS cabinets over the years, prior to them merging as Scientific Gaming.

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This seems to be true for Monopoly, as a brand, for all sorts of games outside of casino. For example, many different companies have had Monopoly related scratch cards and instant play games, including those produced by McD's.