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Poker Night 2 is a poker video game developed by Telltale Games. It is the sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory and, like its predecessor, features crossover characters from different franchises.

There are multiple different Characters from various franchises that make an appearance in Poker Night 2.The confirmed characters include: Brock Sampson: The bodyguard from The Venture Bros. Cartoon on Adult Swim.He's voiced by Patrick Warburton.


GLaDOS: Good evening. This completes the first test of the contestants' poker faces. Bad news is you all failed miserably. The good news is you appear to be evenly matched. (Departs)
GLaDOS: The player has been eliminated due to lack of funds. And intelligence.
Sam: Hey, I won again. I wonder what that means?
Max: Means you're on a roll baby! Bet everything!
Ash: You're killing me here, GLaDOS.
GLaDOS: If I were actually killing you, there would be a lot more screaming. And irony.
GLaDOS: It's a mathematical certainty that 80% of you are going to lose tonight. And 100% of you will eventually die. (Beat) Math is fun, don't you think?
GLaDOS: (ring) Excuse me. I have to take this. Something or someone appears to be exploding back at the lab. (powers down)
Sam: You know, I've met a lot of robots, but I don't think I've come across one with trans-dimensional cell phone coverage.
Brock: Yeah, well, that's the least of robot girl secrets.
Claptrap: We're not talking 'Crying Game' secrets, are we?
Brock: Not even close. The way I hear it, when GLaDOS was plugged in, she went cuckoo bananas and wiped out the scientists that created her.
Sam: You'd be amazed how many robots do that.
Brock: And now she haunts the lifeless labs of Aperture Science performing inhuman experiments on anyone unlucky enough to fall in her mechanical clutches.
Claptrap: That. Is. So. Hot!
GLaDOS: (powers up) False alarm, everyone. The explosions turned out to be implosions; which are much easier to contain. Did I miss anything?
All: (negatory remarks)
GLaDOS: Did you know that the term 'blinds' was coined by a blind poker in the 19th century? Of course you didn't. Because it's a lie. In any event, I'm upping the blinds to 1200 to 2400.
GLaDOS: Management froze me out of the lighting systems after I created a strobe effect to induce seizures in a bus full of freemasons. It was an.. illuminating experiment.
Ash: You made that up just for the pun, didn't you?
GLaDOS: Maybe. Say cheese. (flashes camera)
GLaDOS: Brock Sampson has been eliminated.
Brock: This is a joke, right?
GLaDOS: I'm not very good at jokes, but here's one: What's yellow and black and red all over?
Brock: What?
GLaDOS: Brock Sampson if he doesn't leave this table.
Brock: Uhh.. good one.
GLaDOS: Congratulations. You've won. I'm hoping you weren't expecting baked desserts, because I don't do that anymore.
GLaDOS: Actually, my scans indicate that Mr. Williams' hand is fully functional, and its nervous tapping appears to be induced by an outside force. I'll see if I can isolate it.
Brock: Don't bother, it's morse code.
Ash: What?
Brock: D.. R.. I.. N..
GLaDOS: K. M. O. R. E. B.
Brock: A.. N.. A.. N.. G..
Ash: Drink more Banang. Huh.
GLaDOS: Your hand has apparently been possessed by a marketing department.
GLaDOS: It appears you have lost all your chips. Oh well. It's only money. Your money. $20,000 of it. Right down the drain.
GLaDOS: The robot from Pandora is out of chips.
Claptrap: Darn it, I forgot to turn on my poker subroutine. Can I get a do-over?
GLaDOS: Your question has activated my rarely used giggle center. (softly) Tee. Hee.
Claptrap: Rats!
GLaDOS: Congratulations. You've converted a nearly unbeatable hand into a victory.
Claptrap: Why can't I get cards like that?
GLaDOS: Because you're a moron.
Claptrap: Well, I'd like a second opinion on that.
Brock: It's true. You're a moron.

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to the tune of the '2001:. Drink holders?


I'll sit this one out. 25 Sep 2016 Poker Night 2 is a poker video game developed by Telltale Games.

With Claptrap Ash:Show me the money!

Poker Night 2 Wiki Samples

Arqade Images for poker night wiki tells Tells?. I didn't want it anyway.

(if there's been lots of folding recently) Enough of this folding crap!

160; ^ a b c 'Telltale Announces the Citizen Kane of Poker Games' (Press release)

  1. poker night 2 deploy a full table set 1920 × 1080 - 1535k - jpg wiki sam - PICKEDFLARED.GQ 480 × 360 - 27k - jpg Team fortress 2 wiki poker night 2 - 842 × 463 - 92k - jpg Poker night 2 brock quotes / Ordem das maos do poker 620 × 430 - 95k - jpg Claptrap Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia 950 × 534 - 81k Wiki poker night WONEFFECTIVELY.TK 1024 × 768 - 98k - jpg Poker Night 2 - Wikipedia 220 × 124 - 49k - png Poker Night 2 unlockables Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki .
  2. E.The Player is simply the Player.
  3. Don't I get to Fight for My Life?
  4. You need a health kit?
  5. If you're running on fusion, then why am I smellin' diesel fumes?
  6. And add a few more.

Poker Night 2 Wiki Sample

1433 × 600 - 552k - jpg Image - PN2 Steam unlocks.png Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki . Lucky Nugget Casino Bonus Codes (from a pot worth at poker night 2 tells wiki least $20,000) S-Mart isn't paying me enough for this online poker banned in australia action.Check! Clearwater Casino Poker Room

It is the sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory and, like its predecessor, features Sep 25, 2016 Poker Night 2 is a poker video game developed by Telltale Games.A Flongvar? Memory Slots Lenovo T410 Guess I should've listened to her.You should probably get ready to duck. Tycho casino bruxelles poker room Brahe.Tells Edit The screencap describing tells has a photo of poker night 2 tells wiki Ash biting on his finger.

  1. Alright, ladies, let's whip 'em out!
  2. I play even drunker when I'm smart!
  3. The Bounty Item is out and no one has been eliminated by the first raising of the blinds.
  4. Characters One specific dialogue in the game suggests that the four main characters were chosen to represent four different pillars of entertainment:Every subsequent time it occurs in the same tournament GLaDOS:
  5. 27 Apr 2013 Unlockables - Telltale Games' Poker Night 2:
  6. It gets the job done.

Oh, are you sure? Bourbon Street Casino Sparks Nv Jobs I'll alert the Hearts Of Venice Free Slots media. Motor City Casino Thanksgiving Dinner

(at the flop) Brock: A ra. Silver Sands Texas HoldemCasino Ameristar Kansas City

Oh, I'm nothing special. Bedava Poker Oyunu Oyna And select pot limit texas holdem rules an operating system in the drop-down menu.I'm poker night 2 tells wiki checking.

That's.not good.They can poker night 2 tells wiki range from knowing they have a bay area poker chip I'm finding these tells extremely helpful playing this game. (calling) Call!

Monopoly Slots Double Xp

  • This is a joke, right?
  • Didn't you guys have a big election around here a few months ago?
  • Install VC++ 2010 [6] Download this and install the VC++ package from Microsoft.
  • His audio output is caught in a loop.
  • All In All in.
  • Kill it with fire!You say tomato, I say person whose muteness renders them incapable of refusing my friendship.
  • Even Dean could've won with those cards.
  • Max additionally promises to take care of ghosts for the Heavy.
  • Lots and lots of luck.
  • (normal) This time!
  • Well, THIS hand has been a teachable moment.

I imagine the characters will have tells for good hands, bad hands, and bluffing

Look at all that cheddar. Can I Lublin Casino Admiral get a do-over?

A Fistful of Boomstick, Evil Dead: Allow me to browse their business plan.

Torrent Poker Night 2

I did. I could be the Kato to your Green Hornet, the Biden to your Obama, the beans to your pork!

The paper cuts were amazing! Well.

(enraged) Roulette Rivers Casino Arggggggggggh! Poker Night 2 Review – Techgage 1210 × 769 - 682k - jpg Poker Night at the Inventory - Wikipedia 320 × 180 - 94k - png Brock – Colin McMahon 1280 × 594 - 1135k - png Review:

  • No, but- Brock:
  • Overview Poker Night 2 is a 2013 poker card game developed and published by Telltale Games .Movies!
  • (Max trundles off disappointed) (his hand points to the side of his head and imitates a gunfire as he drops his head to the table and soon gets up) Here's a fun fact:
  • Claptrap's Borderlands 2 Unlock:Nice shirt.
  • Polygon .
  • And also because shoes make him look like a big brown clown.
  • My bad.

When he has a mediocre hand/pair of hole cards, he will be cautious with them. Knowing him though, if he has a weak flop, he may occasionally bluff. Where should a newly added item go in table? /kansas-star-casino-loose-slots/.

Buy Poker Night 2

Fine, take it. That's better.

Poker Night 2 Wiki Samsung

I must not fear. ♪ (pause) What?

You should check out the Boo Franklin line of polo shirts at S-Mart. These cards smell like the inside of a hockey mask.

All of the Double Down Casino Code characters' respective voice actors return to provide voice work, with the notable exceptions of Bruce Campbell , the actor who brought Ash Williams to life on the silver screen, who is replaced by Danny Webber, and William Kasten , Max's voice actor in Telltale's series of Sam & Max video-games, who is replaced by David Boat . I just had that cleaned!

Princechain Sam Wiki

  1. Drinking (hiccup) (quiet burp) 'Scuse me.
  2. He's also more difficult to read as his tells occur more rarely than the other characters', but he goes all-in at times he shouldn't, so he's likely to get knocked out by the other players.
  3. Max :
  4. Special No eliminations when the first blind raising occurs Jeez, what's it gonna take to knock one of you losers out?Why is a baby called 赤ちゃん? Using gender specific pronouns for inanimate objects Where The Sun got hydrogen to work if it is 3rd generation of the stars?
  5. Consecutive pre-flop folds) Edit (anytime after the flop is revealed) Edit (at the flop) Edit (at the turn) Edit (at the river) Edit Large Pot (at least $20,000) Edit Showdown (Before Hole Card Reveal) Edit Showdown Card Reveal (Positive) Edit (standard; 66%-100%) Edit (after hole card reveal; 66%-99%) Edit Showdown Card Reveal (Negative) Edit (standard; 0%-34%) Edit (after hole card reveal; 1%-34%) Edit ( exclusive:
  6. ( NOTE!
  7. If Ash makes a slashing motion with his right hand, he has a good hand.