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DSTWO, also known as SuperCard DS2, DS2, SCDSTWO, SCDS2, is the third generation slot 1 flashcard designed by www.supercard.sc. It supports all DS games on current Nintendo hand-held consoles, and DSTWO powerful CPU supports built-in GBA/SNES emulator, supports more powerful real-time functions. 1) Gameboy Advance Game backups also known as GBA ROMs 2) DSi Gameboy Advance emulator that you can download from GBA DSi.com and 3) DS iPlayer micro SD adapter card (R4 DS, R4i SDHC and other simple DSi flash cards will not work). /cherry-master-slot-machine-free/. However, the SuperCard team is still working on an updates version of this emulator. Despite some of its flaws, it is still a necessary feature that should come with your GBA games when you use the slot 1. The truth is, SuperCard DSTWO is the only flash card with a slot 1 option that has a built-in GBA emulator. The R4 is the best known first-generation Slot-1 card. It was the first SLOT-1 card that enabled easy and simple use without PassCards and GBA Flash Card for saving roms.

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Ok before you start ranting on about how the R4 or any other Ds flashcart can't run gba files or that it doesn't have an emulator. I've already done my research and everywhere I looked, I saw threads about if there are any and everyone says the same exact thing 'No there isn't use a 3-in-1 gba flash cart, and etc.' but I want to know is 'why isn't there a gba emulator and/or why is it not .gba compatible?
How is it possible that people have made emulators or NES,GB/GBC, Genesis, and N64 (which in my opinion is far more superior than the gba) but no one has made a gba emulator for DS flashcarts?

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