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Apr 30, 1996  You're right if you think slot machines are programmed to do certain things. Wrong if you think those things are even vaguely like deciding it's time for a jackpot, holding back because folks have been winning, or producing some near-misses to coax more cash from a player's fanny pack when the credit meter runs low. How Slot Machines & Coin Slots Work. Slot machines are the most popular games in any casino, but a lot of people don’t have a clear understanding of how they work. In fact, some people have an out-and-out misunderstanding of how they work, while others are more than willing to take advantage of the gambling public’s ignorance in such matters. /how-are-slot-machines-programmed-to-pay-out/. Jan 05, 2015  There are several ways of doing it, depending what regulatory jurisdiction covers them. There are 'Class 2' games that deliver a fixed and predetermined series of outcomes in random order, and there are 'Class 3' games that are completely random a. Slot machines are typically programmed to pay out as winnings 82% to 98% of the money that is wagered by players. This is known as the 'theoretical payout percentage' or RTP, 'return to player'. The minimum theoretical payout percentage varies among jurisdictions and is typically established by law or regulation. Dec 29, 2006  1. Is there any knowledge out there about how slot machines are programmed, or is this a well-kept secret? (I see the same layout of reels on a repeating basis, some kind of a cycle appears to be present on the way the reels display 'almost jackpots').

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Slot tournaments offer the best value for money you can get playing slots. You will find that in comparison to the entry fees, the competition prizes can be huge. Some slot tournaments are even free to join, offered as 'comps' or bonuses.
Participating in an online slots tournament is one of the best ways to enjoy playing online slots. For a very low or no entrance fee, you can join the online slots community and compete against your fellow online slot machine enthusiasts for cash prizes and the proud feeling of being Number 1 in online slots.
You are given a set amount of time to play and accumulate as many credits as possible. The player who boasts the most credits at the end of the game is declared the winner and will either receive a cash prize or an entry into a larger tournament as reward.
Don't want to spend a cent Then Free Slots Tournaments are for you! You don't have to pay an entry fee to take part, but can still win your share of great prizes!
Free Online Slots Tournaments let you play without spending any money! It's the perfect exercise ground for those who want to experience Online Slots Tournaments for the first time. It requires no entry fee, yet promises prizes what could be better ?

Types of Free Slot Tournaments

Online slot tournaments have two formats under which they take place. One is called Sit and Go's and the other type is played is live.

Sit and Go's

These types of tournaments allow you to register for the tourney and play now or in the future. All that matters is that you partake before the tournament closes. Called sit and go's because you play when you want and then can return to see how your doing in the tournament, no need to stick around. Sit and go's are the most popular online. Sit n Go Online Slots Tournaments differ slightly from Scheduled Tournaments. Where Scheduled Tournaments start at a certain time, Sit n Go Tournaments start once a predetermined amount of players have registered and paid an entry fee. Generally these tournaments are much faster.

These tournaments are bound by a set time with players required to start and finish at the same time. In the Sit n Go environment you are restricted to play alongside the other players at the same time. Games only last one round with no Continue Play rounds.

Scheduled Slots Tournaments

It starts at a fixed time, you have to register to join and you have to play within a set time limit. Scheduled Slots Tournaments are the ideal play environment for those who love gaming action and who would like to play without delay!

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Even though the starting time limit is static, tournaments can last anything from a few minutes to a few days, depending on the tournament. During your game play you can play and revisit the tournament to find out if your position has changed and purchase more credits to increase your position should you need to.

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Often the amount of extra credits you can purchase is restricted, depending on the tournament.

Prize pools are guaranteed during Scheduled Slots Tournaments and divided up amongst the winners with the amount won relative to the position on the finished leader board.

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