Secrets About Slot Machines

  1. Secrets About Slot Machines
  • Dancing Drums Slot Machine Secrets and Strategy. Let me show you how I won $29,000.00 playing Dancing Drums Slot Machine. Apply my secrets and strategy and win Dancing Drums Slot Machine Jackpots more often and lose less! Have more fun because you win.
  • All slot machines are unique in their own way with a different style, theme, betting options, added features, and play type. Not one slot machine is the same, and that is the excitement of it. Secrets of Shanghai is one of the fun and exciting slot machine games to choose from of many.

Secrets of Horus Slot Machine Review When it comes to ancient history, nobody beats the Egyptians. You could argue that the Greeks and Romans have had more of an impact on the world, but the allure of a completely different language that took thousands of years to crack, the pyramids of old that dazzle people to this day, and a culture that no longer exists. If you’ve been looking for slot machine information you’ve probably been bombarded by misconceptions, mis-truths, and all out lies regarding slot machines and their operation. You’ve probably heard phrases like “Beat the slots,” or “Make $1000 a day playing slot machines.” These are, of course, marketing hype.

If you’ve reached this article, chances are you enjoy playing slot machines and so do we. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, there are more slot machines at casinos than any other game. Even if you were to combine all the other games, there will still be more slots. This is pretty amazing, and it also supports the conclusion that they’re one of the most popular, if not, the most popular casino game in history.

If you’ve arrived here by accident, and you don’t know what a slot machine is, no problem. Slots are gaming machines that contain three or more reels. On the reels are symbols which spin randomly after a bet is made in hopes to land a winning combination. A winning spin is triggered once specific symbols line up in a particular sequence, which are called paylines. The amount you win depends on the size of your bet as well as the combination and number of lines it reaches.

One popular question you will hear someone ask is if there’s any slot machine secrets that will help them win. A lot of people are searching for ways in which they can trick the machines and make the most from each spin they make. During their search they will be sure to run into both good and bad advice. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad advice out there, so it’s important to make sure you’re reading from a reputable source before you put you’re research into play. Continue reading below so you can learn some good secrets and tips to help guide you.

Slot Machine Tricks

  • Set a Limit – the first thing you want to do before spinning the reels, is to know your limit. What does that mean? It’s to simply set a limit to your losses as well as a limit to your wins before you step foot into a casino or enter online. For the win limit, it’s a good idea to stop once you have doubled the original amount you started with.
  • Long Term Plan – in addition to the first point we went over above, it’s a good idea to make a long term plan whenever you stay more than one day. That way you can calculate how much you would like to use each day so it can cover your entire stay.
  • Bring a Set Amount – to prevent overspending, bring with you a set amount you plan on spending and do not go to the ATM if you have finished the specific amount you brought.
  • Take advantage of Bonuses – if you’re playing online or at a land based casino, be sure to take advantage of any kind of bonuses they may be offering. This way you can get the most out of your gameplay. It’s also a good idea to do you research and compare other casinos before making any commitments.
  • Spread Your Luck – if you’re used to sticking to only one machine and haven’t had a win in a while, you might want to consider moving onto another machine.
  • Jackpot Slots – one great feature you can find on some of the slots are jackpots. In addition to the wins you can get from your normal spins, you also have a chance to win a jackpot prize, which is an added benefit.
  • Betting – you may have heard that max betting is the way to go, however this not always the case, and it depends on your bankroll. No matter how much you bet, your chances of winning and losing on each spin are the same, however the higher your bet, the more you can possibly win from each high bet you make, but it doesn’t increase your chances of winning.
  • Paytable – before you start playing on a machine, it’s a good idea to check out the paytable. That way you understand how the payouts work and what all the symbols represent.
  • Play for Free – there are many casinos online, and not only are they fun to play at, but they’re also a great way for you to practice and get familiar with the various styles and features they offer.
  • RNG – you may have heard before that some slots are hotter than others or that there are ways in which you can influence more payouts. The truth of the matter is that each machine is run by a Random Number Generator (RGN), therefore the sequence at which the symbols appear on the reels cannot be influenced. Each spin that you make has the same winning chance as all the others.
  • Payout Tickets – you may have thought that the reason why casinos stopped using cash payouts and replaced them with tickets was for convenience reasons. In actuality, one of the reasons is to try and take your attention away from holding cash. It’s a lot easier sticking a ticket into a machine than it is with real cash, therefore more people will be more inclined to risk more.
  • Slot Arms – nowadays slot machines do not have the lever at which you need to pull in order to spin the reels. One of the reasons for this is that gameplay is slower as opposed to just pressing a button, that way you will play faster and spend more money.

Now that you are aware of some of the important secrets about slot machines, you will hopefully be able to play more with confidence. By no means are we hinting you should stop spinning the reels, it’s just better when you’re aware. If you haven’t played slots online before, or you’re looking for a great application to start at, you definitely need to try ours out for free here at, from your PC on Facebook or you can download our application onto your favorite mobile device from Apple’siTunes or Android’sGoogle Play store.

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Online Casinos for Secrets of Horus Slots

You can play Secrets of Horus slots for real money at the following online casinos:

Raging bull casino aus. Once you hit the download button the software will only take a few seconds to download, click on it once it’s done and begin the installation process.1.To install simply accept all the terms and conditions offered. Install the Raging Bull Download CasinoThe entire process of downloading, installing and creating an account will not take more than 2 minutes. A pop-up menu will ask if you wish to install them.2.The installation process ends by requiring you to create a user account, there is no need to fund or register a credit card or any other mode of payment by this instance. Select the quick installation method, the only installs you might want to discard are some browser add-ons.

NOTE: Secrets of Horus slots, made by NETENT, is not available to play in the US or Canada for real money - to find real money slots, please see our Online Casinos Page.

Secrets of Horus Slot Machine Review

When it comes to ancient history, nobody beats the Egyptians. You could argue that the Greeks and Romans have had more of an impact on the world, but the allure of a completely different language that took thousands of years to crack, the pyramids of old that dazzle people to this day, and a culture that no longer exists.

Secrets About Slot Machines

NetEnt’s latest title is more than happy to use this for its advantage, as well. Secrets of Horus offers gamblers a 5x3 playing field with 20 flexible paylines, with a free spins bonus and several multipliers to spice things up.

Slot machine secrets exposed

The user interface is functional, but it’s also ugly as sin. Everything is cleanly labelled, but the silver colour clashes hard against the simplistic graphics. There’s no seamless transition between backdrop and interface, no sleek, modern design. and you’d be hard pressed to find it, given that Secrets of Horus came out in 2009, when games still lived in the shadows of their physical copies and sought to emulate them.

A small convenience we did like was the ability to click the payline number on the side of the playing field, and the game would immediately activate that number of paylines, instead of having to press the bet lines button twenty times.

And yet, despite the clunkyness and old age, the symbols are all entirely unique, featuring hieroglyphic images, scrolls, statues, ankhs, scarabs and eyes of Horus. Most of the icons still look good – it’s mostly the animation and the sound effects that show their age. The only exception to this is the deity Horus himself, who is portrayed as a human-like bird, and just looks downright creepy instead of like the majestic avian-human hybrid that he would otherwise be portrayed as.

As for special features, you can collect three or more Scatters for fifteen free spins. During these extra turns, all wins are tripled. In addition to this, Any wins that include the Wild are doubled, and these two features can come together for a x6 increase for a single win.

It’s not the most smooth experience gameplay wise. There’s no feature during the main game, and it’s mostly orientated towards numbers rather than feeling good to play. A x6 increase is big if everything lines up, but you still need to retain player attention for things to get to that stage. Back when all titles offered the same fare, gamblers sat through it and endured, but when we were given better options and more interesting features, we were all too happy to ask for more, which dramatically changed the landscape of slots over the last few years.

Secrets About Slot Machines

This is why, at the end of the day, we really can’t recommend playing Secrets of Horus. For its time period, it was good. Even now, the winning potential is great, and the freedom to choose your own paylines is something we thoroughly miss. With a medium volatility and a 96% RTP, you can get away with some fantastic wins. But the gameplay and graphics are outdated and boring, so do so at your own risk.