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Mar 21, 2016  How Donald Trump got fired by a California casino. Spotlight 29 was the smallest casino in the Coachella Valley, but Trump saw the potential for big money. Trump’s deal in the desert. Gibson casino no deposit bonus 2018. Spotlight 29 Casino -Rated 4.2 based on 1,900 Reviews 'Had dinner at the Jem steak house,the bartender was not attentive, didn't bother to put napkin.

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46200 Harrison Place
Take the Dillon Rd exit from I-10. When entering the casino area, stay to the left (straight), which will end at the semi-tuck parking area. The RV Parking area is immediately before the truck parking on the right.

RV Parking and Camping Information

Signs state 24 hour stay limit, but others have reported staying much longer. There's a few other posted common rules. No BBQ, etc.
Large paved parking lot marked for RV parking.

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  • Slots
  • Table Games
  • Coffee Shop (a basic full service restaurant)
  • Steak House
  • Mexican
  • Asian

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We went to the casino and played a little, but didn't stay (we stayed at Fantasy Springs a couple miles away). The reason was that this lot seemed more crowded, simply not as much room. It's paved though which is nice. But I-10 splits in two at that point and is on both sides of the lot, and not that far away (a couple hundred yards). With a lot of truck traffic, plus other traffic, at all hours, it has to be noisy. If that doesn't bother you this spot would be okay, at least in cooler weather with your windows closed.
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The parking situation here is much nicer than it's counterpart Fantasy, just down the road. Tidy and clean, close to the casino. Didn't feel like a vagrant parking there as I did over at the other place. nice cool planters for dog walkies, and a dirt parameter suitable and tidy as well. Very close, for free casino parking. Most put you Waaaaaayyy out in the distance, but this is an easy walk inside. Nice when it's toasty outside, or cold and windy. They seemed to care what it's like for us RV'ers, and not treat us like they're doing us a favor by letting us 'camp on their lawn' for a few days. It made me feel welcome. Very friendly folks inside.
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Another good choice to spend the night. However, there was a large RV Show going on this weekend which created more traffic in the RV Parking area. RV Parking is close to the casino.
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I stayed in RV parking area in March of 2015 after being unable to find RV parking at the other casino north of I-10. Large area, marked well for RV's with constant Security Patrols all night. Dinner buffet closed by 9, but dinner in restaurant was great, and so was breakfast in coffee shop next morning. Easy walk from RV to casino, and felt safe leaving trailer and tow vehicle. Basic dry camping arrangement, but much better alternative than $75+ per night RV parks in Palm Springs area if you are just looking to spend a night on the road.
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Report from 'Wanderin', January 2010
We have visited the Spotlight 29 Casino a couple of times in the last few days. First of all, we wanted to check out the RV parking because we were trying to decide between staying there for a couple of days or moving a few miles down the road to the Fantasy Springs Casino.
The parking for RV's is on a paved parking lot. The area is huge and will accommodate a lot of RVs. There is a sign that limits the dry camping to 24 hours but I would doubt that they enforce that. However, I would recommend you check if you were going to stay longer. Only about 20 or so RV's were parked there .. and that is even a lot.
The exit is off of Dillion Road whether you are coming east or west on I-10. The entrance to the casino is easy and signs guide you to the RV parking lot. The Player's Card accumulates triple points on Thursdays and an extra $10 is credited to your card on that day. We found machines pretty tight but I guess everyone says that when they don't win. We didn't win.
The luncheon buffet is nice and at $9.95 makes for a great place to eat. The food was good and we ate here twice. We didn't check out the dinner buffet because we figured it was a lot more expensive so just ate prior to the 4:00 price increase.

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