Tachi Palace Casino New Years Eve

Take a look at one of the best gaming casinos in the Central Valley of California Tachi Hotel & Casino is one cool place to go take a break and relax and eve. Not employed by the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino; at least 21 years of age; and; an 'adult' (as that term is legally defined within the jurisdiction in which you are playing from) or the age necessary to participate in the Games, if the jurisdiction within which you playing from requires you to be over a certain age.

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Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino
Location Lemoore, California
Address 17225 Jersey Avenue
Opening dateNovember 4, 1983
No. of rooms255
Casino typeIndian
OwnerSanta Rosa Indian Community of the Santa Rosa Rancheria
Previous namesSouthgate Bingo Palace
Palace Indian Gaming Center

Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino is an Indian casino on the Santa Rosa Rancheria in Lemoore, California.


The 1,100-seat Southgate Bingo Palace was built for $1 million by Paland, Inc. of Dallas,[1] and opened on November 4, 1983.[2] Within seven months, the construction costs had been recouped, and payments to tribal members began.[1]

By 1986, when a $750,000 renovation was completed to make Southgate the 'most luxurious bingo hall in the state',[3] the hall was being operated by British-American Bingo, Inc., which received 45 percent of revenues, with the remainder going to the tribe.[4] Tribal members also made up 20 percent of the hall's workforce.[2] Revenues had grown to $5.3 million in 1987.[5] The tribe put the money toward items including youth recreation programs, college scholarships, and construction of homes.[6]

In 1994, the tribe took over operation of the bingo hall and renamed it as the Palace Indian Gaming Center.[7] The tribe soon added slot machines, which grew in number to 385 as of 1997, despite ongoing efforts by the state to block them.[8] In 2005, a major expansion was opened, and it was renamed as Tachi Palace.[9]

The seven-story Tachi Palace hotel

The following year, a 7-story, 255-room hotel was opened on the property.[10] The hotel is semi-circular, with plans for a second phase of construction to complete the circle.

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Sporting events[edit]

Liberty casino no deposit codes. World Extreme Cagefighting hosted 22 mixed martial arts events at Tachi Palace, until it was bought in 2006 by Zuffa, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and moved its events to Las Vegas.[11][12] The casino's entertainment director, Christian Printup, then created a new MMA promotion, Palace Fighting Championship.[13] After Printup departed in 2009, the casino formed a new promotion, Tachi Palace Fights, in conjunction with Gladiator Challenge.[14] The tribal council decided to discontinue mixed martial arts events at the casino in December 2012,[15] but reversed its decision in March 2013, and TPF fights resumed.[16]

Tachi Palace has also hosted many boxing events in association with promoter Goossen-Tutor,[17] and became especially known for its women's boxing bouts.[18]


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17225 Jersey Avenue

RV Parking and Camping Information

No need to check-in.
RV camping is in lot #3 in the northeast corner of the property, between the back side of the Casino and the gas station. You can take the shuttle to the casino.

Casino Information

Tachi Palace Casino New Years Eve
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Table Games
  • Poker Room
  • Bingo
  • Snack Shop
  • Fast Food
  • Buffett
  • Coffee Shop (a basic full service restaurant)
  • Fine Dining / Gourmet
  • Steak House
  • Seafood
  • Asian

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Tachi Palace Casino New Years Events

They told us that we didn't have to register with security (like other casinos make you do), and they said that they pretty much didn't care how long we stayed.
We didn't experience any construction noise.
You can cut through the Coyote Entertainment building to get to the casino. Movie tickets are reasonably priced and they offer senior discount. We saw Midway and had the theater all to ourselves.
Casino doesn't offer the $10 get-you-started-gambling cards, but you can still join for free. You get perks with it. Ask at the desk.
As others stated, the truck generators were annoying, but they were gone by daybreak.
The casino is nice and it's huge. It has 2 levels. Easily navigated with a mobility scooter. We had a lot of fun the one night we stayed. Looking forward to staying again on our way back north.
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Tachi Palace Casino New Years Eve 2017

Signage not very clear. RV camping is in lot #3 in the northeast corner of the property, between the back side of the Casino and the gas station. If coming east from 41 freeway, go past the main entrance, turn right at the gas station, and turn right into the backside of the lot. There is a shuttle to take you to the casino 24 hours per day, running frequently but you can call for a pick up. The walk is longer than it looks because you have to go all the way around (they don’t let cut in behind). Lot was empty except for our camper and several semis. Somewhat loud because of truck generators and early morning construction (seems to be an ongoing thing). Did not bring our genetator thinking we could not use at night but since the trucks were, we could have kept cooler using AC instead of battery operated fan! No hook-ups. No one bothered us. Security drove by regularly. Overall, a good stay - can’t beat the price but bring ear plugs and you will be good to go!
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Tachi Palace Hotel Casino

2nd visit this year. Construction going on in 2nd car park but lots of room in 3rd for RVs and trucks. Fairly empty parking area given that it was Thanksgiving. Buffet was excellent but $26 with no discount for seniors. Shuttles and security came by frequently and lighting is good. A new Service station has reasonable rates $3.31 for diesel and sells convenience items. The sewage pump station for the hotel still makes a whine when activated so best to park some distance away from it. This is a good stop in central California, out in the country - I stayed for 3 nights and will come again. Added 'attractions of the parking lot were a small pack of friendly pit bull dogs and a dirt bike enthusiast who kept roaring up an adjacent road doing wheelies and making a lot of noise.
I won $1 at a slot machine and gave it to the shuttle driver as a tip
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Stayed here overnight while travelling to Palm Springs. RV parking is in Lot 3, there are RV painted lines on the far East side of the lot. More trucks than RV's (3 including ours). There is construction going on in Lot 3 but there is lots of room for parking. Security passed by at least once and hour but never stopped to talk, don't know if there are any rules never seen any posted.
Walked through the casino and had a look at the buffet but wasn't tempted by either.
Overall a nice quiet spot to stay.
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Tachi Palace Casino November 17th through 19th 2016
Tachi Palace Casino (N36 14.214 W119 45.396) Lemoore, CA
Took about 4 hours to drive here from Cache Creek, plus a stop at Joe’s Truck Stop, on I-5 at Westley, south of Stockton, to eat at a Denny’s restaurant. This is a very good place to pull in for fuel or food/truck wash and other services I have yet to investigate. There is plenty of room to turn around, access the pumps or park.
Tachi had a big band event happening, so the shuttle people told me parking would get crowded. This never really happened as I was pretty well the only RV in the whole parking area on arrival. A couple more came along later but not exactly crowded. Parking lanes being painted for regular cars, I straddled a white line to take two full parking slots, thus having plenty of room for my slides. There is a pump station for, presumably, casino sewage, in the RV lot. This emits a high whine and would be uncomfortable if one parked closely adjacent to.
At this casino, visitors appeared to be mostly Indian, whereas at Cache Creek, Asians were the dominant species.
The buffet, which I rate “quite” good, as opposed to “exceptional”, had no discounts for seniors or for Player’s Card holders and therefore cost the full $20. The Player’s Card, in fact, doesn’t seem to do a whole lot other than accumulate “points” for something that I couldn’t determine
Golf cart shuttles circled the RV parking lots like sharks and one could catch a ride anytime by waiting 5 minutes, or not at all. The walk to the casino is not far. In addition, during the day bicycle security patrols are a frequent sight so I felt that this was quite a safe place. At this time, construction is going on to build a new fuel station - this slated for completion in Spring 2017
Gambling is spread over at least two floors with the buffet being up on the second floor. This is another huge place with hotel and conference facilities and is located out in the country a few miles from Lemoore, off Hwy 198/18th St
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