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Texas Hold’em continues to be the most popular form of poker on the planet.
The ease of learning the game has made it one that can be enjoyed by rank
amateurs and professionals alike. However, when the mobile gambling industry
took shape, it was clear that there was going to be yet another poker boom.

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Texas Hold’em apps are plentiful in the app stores of Google and Apple.
However, with so many to choose from, players may not know what attributes to
look for when selecting one for play. We have put his page together with the
hopes of informing our readers, which in turn should make choosing an app to
download easier.

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The Best Texas Hold’em Apps

We know that many of you are well versed in online poker,
so you may not want to read more about the game itself. That’s why we don’t waste any time on this
page. Below, you will find a list of the best Texas hold’em apps – these are
taken straight from our comprehensive site reviews. These apps come from
reputable owners and have excellent game selection and the kinds of promotional
offers we expect to keep players at the site longer. You will enjoy any of
these, and all you have to do is click on one of the links, and you will be
taken to the download page.

What We Look for in a Texas Hold’em App

While there aren’t nearly as many Texas hold’em apps as there are casino apps
in the app stores, there are still enough that you can find many different
levels of quality. When we review an app, we make sure that the owners of the
site have an excellent track record, as well as looking at each app to see if it
meets our standards. The criteria we use for rating apps is pretty extensive,
but here are some examples of the things we look for so that you have an idea of
how we come up with our rankings.

Available Cash Games

When we review an app, the first thing we look for is the number of cash
tables that are available and the stakes levels within. The best apps are those
that can cater to both the novice and advanced player. Some sites limit how many
tables are shown on their apps, which means players may not be able to find the
right game to play. If a site wants a top rating for its Texas hold’em app, then
it should offer as many cash game tables as possible.

Tournament Schedule

Our team of experts looks for the same level of commitment when reviewing the
tournaments that are available on a Texas hold’em app. From Sit and Go events to
satellites for land-based tournaments, we want to see a good mix of tournaments
at all the various price points. Again, some sites restrict access to
tournaments when players are using mobile devices, and while this can be for a
multitude of reasons, we still expect there to be an event starting soon for a
player at every main buy-in level.

Multi-Table Ability

This won’t affect many of you who are reading this, but many players like to
play multiple tables at one time. This type of play allows you to see way more
hands per hour, and while it takes a certain type of brain to be able to ingest
this much information, there is some value in playing more than one table at
once. The best Texas hold’em apps not only offer the ability to multi-table but
do so in an intuitive manner so that players aren’t confused and don’t miss
their turn at a particular table.


The freeroll is one of the most popular ways to reward players at a Texas
hold’em site, so we want to see as many of these as possible in the app version
of the game. These events can offer varying levels of prizes, but also the skill
level in these events tends to be lower, so a strong player will find extra
value in playing them. Freerolls should be easy to spot in the lobby of a Texas
hold’em app, and players should be able to enter as many as they can find.

Other Bonuses

Texas Holdem App Real Money

Aside from freerolls, poker sites offer many different types of bonuses. The
most common of these is rakeback – a rebate on the fees you are paying to the
site in tournaments and cash games. We expect these offers to be extended to
players who use the app, and this type of money is important when calculating
the overall profit that you are making on a site. Rakeback can be significant if
you play a lot of cash games, so check each review to see which apps offer the
highest percentages.

Customer Service

While the game itself is straightforward, there are typically a lot of
questions that arise from playing Texas hold’em online. The apps that we rate
the highest are the ones that offer the most real-time points of contact, and
there are bonus marks given if these are available directly in the app. From
social media to live chat and telephone, sites need to be in touch with players
more than ever, so look for sites that give you access to their agents with the
least amount of hassle.

Why Would You Use a Texas Hold’em App?

Players have been playing poker online for almost 20 years, and before mobile
devices, the biggest complaint was the amount of sitting in one spot faced by a
player who went deep into a tournament. This problem was alleviated with the
introduction of the Texas hold’em app. Now, a player can get up and move around
their house, finding more comfortable spots to play than sitting in front of the
PC. This kind of convenience also means that players won’t have to miss hands to
deal with other tasks during an event, which is very important when you realize
that some tournaments could take 12 hours or longer to complete.

The other reason why Texas hold’em apps are so popular is that you simply do
not need a PC to access games anymore. For players in developing countries who
are more likely to have a mobile phone than a computer, this opens the door to
millions of new players. These players are very attractive to the operators, so
we expect to see many more mobile-only promotions and bonuses launched in the
coming months and years.


Even with all the pressure the industry has faced over the last decade, Texas
hold’em continues to flourish both online and in land-based environments. We
believe that the future is very bright for poker, and the introduction of mobile
apps is one reason why we are so optimistic. As the technology improves, so will
Texas hold’em apps being used to access huge tournaments and cash games. This
may include different delivery methods like AR (augmented reality) and VR
(virtual reality), but the rules of the game which make it so popular are not
likely to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Feel like Someone Is Cheating Me. Could That Be Happening?

Many players feel like the game is rigged, especially when they are playing
online. We can assure you that it isn’t in the site’s best interests to rig the
deck – after all, the game is not a house vs. player model. While there have
been some scandals in the past, the bottom line is that the best apps put every
measure in place to ensure that players cannot find ways to cheat others at the
table. This includes restricting access to some major tournaments from mobile
devices, which is why you won’t see them in the apps you are playing on.

Which Is Better: Using a Phone or a Tablet?

Texas Holdem Money App

This is really a matter of personal preference. Most sites don’t have
multi-tabling set up for phones in a way that you can see more than one table at
once, while if you are playing on the mobile browser version of a site on your
tablet, this may be the case. From our perspective, the value in Texas hold’em
apps is in the convenience of mobility, regardless of what device you are using.

What About Social Poker Apps? How Do They Fit into the Equation?

Companies like Zynga burst onto the scene a decade ago with a version of
Texas hold’em that the online gambling world couldn’t quite believe. Social
poker apps allow you to play cards just like you would at any other app, but
with the option of buying chips to enter major events. However, there is no
mechanism to cash out any chips for real currency, so the money you are spending
is for entertainment purposes only. Zynga’s financials have shown the success of
social poker, but if you are looking to play and win real money, then you should
stay away and focus on one of the apps we have recommended on this page.

I Seem to Do Really Well at Play Money Poker but Not at Real Money. Why Is That?

We hear this a lot from our readers. After great runs on the play money
tables, they head to a real money tournament and get their asses handed to them.
The main reason for this is the style of play at the play money tables. With no
skin in the game, players at these tables are reckless, so the range of hands
being played is far wider than at a real money table. Even if you are playing
smart yourself, the percentage of players who are not is so much higher in the
play money game that it can lead to a false positive. Think of it this way: less
than 15% of all poker players are profitable, so you need to bear that in mind
when you start to play for real cash.

Why Can’t I Find Any Real Money Texas Hold’Em Apps to Download?

This is simple: real money gambling apps are still not permitted in regions
where online gambling is not legal. Apple and Google have always had a very
conservative approach to gambling on their platforms, and while they have warmed
up to the concept of approving real-money Texas Hold’em apps over the years,
countries like the US are still shut out due to the government’s position on
online gaming. If you are a player in one of these regions and want to use your
mobile device to play poker, then we suggest you use the mobile browser version
of the sites. Our review pages go into great detail about the compatibility of
these sites for all sorts of mobile devices.

Best Mobile Poker Apps for Real Money Players

Playing poker on mobile devices provides players with flexibility to play while on the go. Playing poker on your mobile phone can make road trips more fun and allows you to enjoy poker while away from your home or computer.

Having to commute for an hour every day, taking the subway to work? Fire up your mobile device and play poker on the go!

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Most major online poker rooms provide a mobile app to play real money games on Android and iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Unfortunately, other platforms are seldom supported so poker apps for Blackberry and Windows Mobile aren't something you should be expecting anytime soon.

Deciding what the best mobile poker apps for real money players are, can be a burdensome task. So we have made your life a little bit easier by sharing the best of the best mobile poker apps.

Table of Contents

  • Android Real Money Poker Apps
  • iPhone Real Money Poker Apps
  • Most Popular Mobile Poker Games Online
  • Mobile Poker Bonuses

4 Best Real Money Poker Apps for Android

More than seventy percent of the mobile devices around the world utilize Google's Android operating system. The PokerStars Android app and the 888 Poker Android app are two of the most popular Android real money poker apps available anywhere.

  • PokerStars Android App

    The PokerStars Android app provides the most functionality out of any Android real money poker app in the world. The PokerStars mobile app is free to download and players can enjoy playing up to four tables simultaneously.

    Depending on where you are located, you will need to download a different mobile PokerStars app. For example, players in many parts of Europe will need to download the Pokerstars EU app, while players located in the United Kingdom will need to download the PokerStars UK app.

    The poker app real money allows you to play anything that is available on the PokerStars computer client including:

    • cash games
    • tournaments
    • sit-and-go's
    • lottery-style Spin & Go's
    • ZOOM poker

    If choosing among the best poker apps out there, the PokerStars Android app is the best for functionality as well. Players can take advantage of preset bets, personalized avatars, many table designs, the ability to replay hands, a quick seating option, a search feature for players, the ability to chat, and a web cashier that allows players to deposit while on the go.

    Another feature of this poker android app is that you can easily switch back and forth between a computer and the mobile app providing flexibility, especially for tournament players that typically play long sessions that can't be interrupted.

    Deep in a tournament but you need to go to the bathroom, and the break is still half an hour away? Unlock your phone, take over on the mobile PokerStars client, and don't miss a hand while you run for the little boy's room.

    The PokerStars app lets you deposit and withdraw from your phone. The PokerStars mobile app also allows players to enjoy other verticals including sports wagering and online casino games including mobile video poker.

  • 888 Poker Android App

    The 888 Poker app Android is another amazing poker Android app to consider. The functionality of the mobile poker app provides everything a recreational or professional poker player needs to enjoy most of the amazing games at 888poker.

    The lobby is intuitive to navigate through, and gameplay is very smooth, provided that you have a solid WiFi or mobile internet connection of course.

    Costly mistakes can be avoided, as clicking on the wrong button should be minimized when compared to other apps thanks to the large action buttons the 888 Poker Android App provides.

    Other great features of this mobile app include a web cashier, a quick seat option, the ability to chat with other players, a bet slider, and the ability to choose one of the preset avatars.

    The 888 Poker Android App does not provide a player search feature or to take notes on players.

  • party poker App Android

    Looking for some mobile party poker? You're in luck as partypoker has designed the party poker mobile app. 'Small screens, big wins!' is how they tout it, and that sounds about right.

  • Unibet app Android

    The Unibet mobile poker app lets you play mobile poker on your Android device. While Android tablets are hard to find these days, mobile phones running Google's Android operating system are the vast majority.

    Playing on the Unibet poker app from your mobile device isn't hard as all it takes is going to a specific URL while on your mobile and installing the software.

Top iPhone Real Money Poker Apps

Similar to Android apps, the two most popular iPhone real money poker apps are the PokerStars iPhone app and the 888 Poker iPhone app.

  • PokerStars iPhone App

    The PokerStars iPhone App provides all the functionality that the PokerStars Android app boasts. The PokerStars ios app not only is functional for iPhones but iPads as well.

    The one main difference is that if you are playing mobile poker at PokerStars on an iPad, you can play five tables simultaneously instead of the maximum of four tables on the Android app. The tables are easy to switch back and forth between and players that are used to multi-tabling on their computers should find no issues doing the same on the PokerStars iOS app.

    The app has greatly improved over the years, with new features released on the regular. The PokerStars EU app and PokerStars' other apps are now just as functional as the desktop client.

    Signing up with PokerStars is as easy as can be:

    1. Think of a fun username and sign up for an account
    2. Deposit to start playing for real money
  • 888 Poker iPhone App

    The 888 Poker iPhone app is almost exactly identical to the 888poker Android app. The app is designed for newer iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, so we recommend that players always have the latest version of iOS downloaded.

    The action buttons are once again big making it difficult for players to misclick on their iPhones. This is, even more, the case on the iPad where the screen sizes are much larger.

Play PokerStars in Your Browser

Grab your mobile device and use the browser to surf to PokerStars.eu/mobile. Log in using your PokerStars credentials, and you can now play PokerStars in your browser.

PokerStars Chrome works just as good as PokerStars Safari and other browsers. You can't play all the Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) on it, but you can play mobile PokerStars ZOOM, mobile PokerStars KNOCKOUT poker, mobile PokerStars Sit & Go's, mobile PokerStars cash games, and mobile PokerStars Spin & Gos.


Playing poker in your browser on your mobile device is easy as pie once you get the hang of it. Depending on the phone you have, the buttons maybe smaller than what you're used to but the interface has been modified to prevent you from raising when you wanted to fold.

You can make a shortcut to the website in your browser, so your mobile experience is literally at your finger tips when you unlock your phone.

practice to Play Online Poker With Free Poker Apps

There are many free poker apps to choose from if you're looking to play mobile poker on a social or recreational basis and not for real money. Some of the apps include popular mobile poker clubs where you can play with friends or join a club with strangers.

Most of the free poker apps allow for the ability for players to pay money for avatars, additional chips, play in special games, and more through add-ons in the Android and Apple stores.

If you live in a country where real money poker isn't allowed, the mobile poker club can be something to slake your thirsts.

Sometimes you get free chips if you go broke but free poker chips aren't always easy to come by, so play your best game, even though there's not always money on the line.

Social poker apps are fun, but another way to go about it is using the free PokerStars.net app. With that app, you can play poker for free against real people, without risking anything. You play for play chips using the same software as the real money mobile poker app; the same sliders, the same bet buttons. So you can experience the real poker apps, without having to be wary of losing any money.

Most Popular Mobile Poker Games Online

Back in the day, poker was something outlaws did in back alley gambling halls, enjoying a cigar and a glass of whiskey with a pistol on their hip.

These days, that is not so true anymore as people young and old and from, all over the world play the game. Playing in a casino or local card room is still an exciting and fun thing to do, but you can just as easily play from home and enjoy yourself just as much. While you can't face each other, trying to figure out if someone's bluffing or not, is just as rewarding.

As a result, there are a lot of popular mobile poker games online; you don't have to leave your house to get going!

The most popular mobile poker games online are either real money poker apps where you can, like on the desktop client, play for real money.

Often these poker operators also offer playmoney games. On the other end of the spectrum, you have social poker apps where you generally log in with your Social Media accounts like Facebook or Twitter account, and play against other users but not for money. That's why this variant is often called Facebook poker, with Zynga Poker as the most notable example.

Real money poker appsSocial poker apps
PokerStarsWorld Series of Poker App
888 pokerClub WPT
party pokerPokeris
Unibet PokerZynga Poker