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Aug 07, 2017  If you use a desktop, you’re in luck. There are plenty of adapters for sale that use the PCIe x4 slot already on your motherboard. However, if your motherboard can’t boot from PCIe, then you won’t be able to set that M.2 drive as your boot drive, which means you won’t benefit from a lot of the speed.

A landing slot, takeoff slot, or airport slot is a permission granted by the owner of an airport designated as Level 3 (Coordinated Airport), which allows the grantee to schedule a landing or departure at that airport during a specific time period.[1]

Landing slots are allocated in accordance with guidelines set down by the IATA's Worldwide Airport Slots Group. All airports worldwide are categorized as either Level 1 (Non-Coordinated Airport), Level 2 (Schedules Facilitated Airport), or Level 3 (Coordinated Airport).

As of summer 2017, a total of 123 airports in the world are Level 2 airports, and 177 are Level 3 airports.[2]

Allocated landing slots may have a commercial value and can be traded between airlines. Continental Airlines paid $209 million for four pairs of landing slots from GB Airways at London Heathrow Airport, $52.3m each.[3] The highest price paid for a pair of take-off and landing slots at Heathrow Airport was $75m, paid by Oman Air to Air France–KLM for a prized early morning arrival, reported in February 2016. A year before, American Airlines paid $60m to Scandinavian Airlines.[4]

Heathrow slot valuations[5]
YearBuyerSellerdaily slot pairstransaction (£M)slot value (£M)
1998BAAir UK415.63.9
2002BABA Connect5132.6
2002BASN Brussels727.53.9
2007VirginAir Jamaica15.15.1
2008ContinentalGB Airways/Alitalia/Air France4104.526.1

As demand exceeds supply, slot trading became the main solution to enter Heathrow and transfers grew from 42 in 2000 to 526 in 2012 and over 10 years the average priced slot increased prices by £4 per passenger.[6]

If an airline does not use an allocation of slots (typically 80% usage over six months), it can lose the rights. Airlines may operate ghost or empty flights to preserve slot allocations.[7]

Level 3 coordinated airports[2][edit]



  • Innsbruck Airport (winter season only)





Cape Verde[edit]




Czech Republic[edit]






  • Kotoka International Airport - Accra


  • Chania Airport (summer season only)
  • Chios Airport (summer season only)
  • Corfu Airport (summer season only)
  • Heraklion Airport (summer season only)
  • Kalamata Airport (summer season only)
  • Karpathos Island National Airport (summer season only)
  • Kavala Airport (summer season only)
  • Kephalonia International Airport (summer season only)
  • Kithira Airport (summer season only)
  • Kos Airport (summer season only)
  • Mykonos Airport (summer season only)
  • Mytilene Airport (summer season only)
  • Patras Airport (summer season only)
  • Preveza Airport (summer season only)
  • Rhodes Airport (summer season only)
  • Samos Airport (summer season only)
  • Sitia Public Airport (summer season only)
  • Skiathos Airport (summer season only)
  • Thira Airport (summer season only)
  • Volos Airport (summer season only)
  • Zakynthos International Airport (summer season only)


Hong Kong[edit]



  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - Mumbai
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport - Delhi
  • Chennai International Airport - Chennai
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport - Hyderabad
  • Kempegowda International Airport - Bangalore


  • Ngurah Rai International Airport - Denpasar
  • Soekarno-Hatta International Airport - Jakarta




  • Lampedusa Airport (summer season only)
  • Linate Airport - Milan
  • Malpensa Airport - Milan
  • Orio al Serio Airport - Milan
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (summer season only)
  • Pantelleria Airport (summer season only)
  • Ciampino Airport - Rome
  • Fiumicino Airport - Rome
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  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport - Mauritius




New Zealand[edit]







  • Faro Airport (summer season only)


  • Sheremetyevo Airport - Moscow
  • Vnukovo International Airport - Moscow

Saudi Arabia[edit]

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South Africa[edit]

  • King Shaka International Airport - Durban
  • OR Tambo International Airport - Johannesburg

South Korea[edit]


  • Ibiza Airport (summer season only)
  • Menorca Airport (summer season only)

Sri Lanka[edit]





  • Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok
  • Don Mueang International Airport - Bangkok

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  • Antalya Airport - Antalya (summer season only)


  • Boryspil International Airport - Kiev

United Arab Emirates[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport - New York City
  • LaGuardia Airport (not on IATA list, but slot controlled)[8]
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Washington, D.C. (not on IATA list, but slot controlled)[8]


  • Noi Bai International Airport - Hanoi
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport - Ho Chi Minh City


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Available Slots Meaning

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When you decide to expand your PC with a new device, you need to understand the expansion slots on your PC’s motherboard so you can determine what type of new device to buy. There are a bunch of different expansion slot standards and variations.

The two most common slots available on today’s PCs are PCI and PCI-Express:

PCI: The Peripheral Component Interconnect type of slot is the most popular and widely available expansion slot on today’s PCs. It’s normally colored white, though often beige is used. There are 32-bit and 64-bit PCI expansion slots.

PCIExpress: The latest rendition of the PCI standard is PCI-Express. PCI-Express slots are generally colored black or dark gray or sometimes even yellow. They also feature a variety of sizes.

Older expansion standards include

PCI-X: The PCI Extended standard was developed to improve on PCI, but as a standard PCI-Express superseded it. Some older PCs may still feature the PCI-X slot, which looks like a standard PCI slot but is considerably longer.

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Be careful not to confuse PCI-X with PCI-Express! They’re different standards, different slots, and different expansion card types.

AGP: The Accelerated Graphics Port slot was designed specifically to handle high-end graphics adapters. It may still be found on older PCs, but today’s systems use PCI-Express expansion slots to handle high-end graphics adapters. AGP slots were often colored maroon and had a hinged hook on one end to help anchor the AGP card.

ISA: The original expansion slot for the PC family was ISA, which simply stood for Industry Standard Architecture (because the expansion slot lacked an official and suitably technical-sounding name). It had two varieties: 16-bit and a longer 16-bit version. An older Windows XP system may still sport an ISA slot, but few (if any) relevant ISA expansion cards are available today.

Sadly, without opening the case, there’s no way to determine what type of slots are present on your PC’s motherboard, let alone whether the slots are available (or empty). The only way to know for certain is to open the case and have a look.

You Are Set Meaning

  • When the PC’s motherboard features a variety of slots, and you have a choice, choose a PCI-Express expansion card first.

  • Expansion slots are keyed: The edge connector on the expansion card cannot be plugged in backward. Of course, most expansion cards feature a rear slot mount, which means that you have to be determined to plug an expansion card in backward in the first place!

  • You can look on the back of your PC and examine the slot covers to determine whether a slot is empty. A blank slot cover, however, may not indicate that an expansion slot is available, because some expansion cards may not use the slot cover. Also, some expansion cards are double-wide and may render useless any empty expansion slots next to them.

  • Even though the expansion slots are all standardized, expansion cards come in different lengths. You can find full-length cards, half-size cards, and others. Smaller PC consoles may have room for only smaller expansion cards, or perhaps some expansion slots are limited to hosting only shorter expansion cards. Knowing this type of information before you buy an expansion card will prove to be a boon to your self-esteem.

  • PCI-X also featured two sets of voltages for expansion cards: 5 volts and 3.3 volts. Special notches in the expansion cards prevented the wrong slot from being used, but the differing voltages were still an issue for choosing the proper PCI-X expansion card.